Sunday, May 17, 2020

Just for Fun...OOTD~

Just for fun...a casual, at-home, ootd.

Fun, flirty, feminine dresses are perfect for warm weather (especially for us ladies "of a certain age" that live in the steamy, tropical southern portion of the U.S. with its BRUTAL summers!).

I thought I would "summer-ize" the black of the dress a with pop of turquoise, and a touch of amethyst, colored jewelry. Just a pair of earrings and a bracelet were fast and easy jewelry choices to quickly pop on to accessorize this simple dress for hanging around the house. After adding pair of comfy flats, my outfit was complete, head-to-toe. Now I was ready to start my day!

Dresses are comfy, cool, easy to accessorize, and make me feel much better than hanging around in my stretchy pants all day (lol), but just as easy to put on! A bit of lipstick, mascara and *ahem* some eyebrows, and I'm ready to face whatever comes my way!

What are your casual, warm weather fashion faves?

Thanks for stopping by!~TJ

Saturday, May 16, 2020


There's nothing like a lazy Saturday brunch at home...

from warm cinnamon rolls dripping with icing...
and scrambled eggs cooked up in a well loved, tiny cast iron skillet...

and of course, coffee. Lots and lots of coffee!

Proof of the lazy...
Thanks for stopping by, and have a wonderful Saturday doing whatever makes you happy!~TJ

Monday, March 30, 2020

The Great TP Depression of 2020

image credit: utah transplant blog
What will the history books have to say about our mad dash scramble to locate and obtain a measly roll of toilet paper here in the enlightened age and year of 2020?

In the midst of the authorities telling us to stay home to slow the spread of coronavirus / covid-19, we've got people out grocery store hopping, trying to find a roll of toilet paper. Now, how is that working for us?

Word on the social media streets is, if I want to even begin to hope to find a package of toilet paper (and even then there's no guarantee), I will need to get up before the crack of dawn and go stand in line, waiting to get in a grocery store, on the off chance that the one person in line before me hasn't cleared the shelves already. No thanks. Mama don't get up before the sun.

Our fellow man (and woman) is really showing their true colors. And this is only toilet paper we are talking about right now.

Sure, other staples and necessities are few and far between on the store shelves but...toilet paper?! Those hoarders must know something the rest of us good folk don't know.

Anyhoo...curiosity got the best of me at the beginning of all the tp hubbub and so I looked up some toilet paper facts and history. So, to lighten the mood, and for your reading pleasure, I will now share it with you. Unfortunately, you won't be able to crumble this post up when you're done reading it to use it for tp...sorry 'bout that.

Interesting toilet paper history, funnily enough, even though I was alive in 1973, I  don't remember a toilet paper shortage.

A few "what did people use before the invention of toilet paper?" fun facts .

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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Making Ends Meet During Tough Times~

Seeing and hearing so many with concerns over lack or loss of income made me realize that I forget sometimes, that the things I do regularly, or have had to do during tough times to get by, not everyone has had to do or even thinks of doing. So, as I think of them, I will post them here, updating as they come to me. They aren't anything groundbreaking, earth shattering or things others have not done, or do not do, but on the off chance something I post helps someone get through a difficult day (or more) I'll be happy to know it helped. I've been there...

*If you think of anything, please add your tips in the comments too~I'm still learning new things after all these years!


♡ Advise to my daughter last night amid concerns of possible future lack: let's be conservative with the supplies and food we presently have on hand to make them last longer and stretch further. No need to use things with wild abandon right now (I've seen how some people in my family squirt the dish soap around here...not mentioning any names ;~D ).

♡ Waste as little (of anything) as possible (re-think those leftovers.
*Leftover bits of meat and veggies can create beautiful, delicious soups and stir frys and pizza toppings! ( my favorite no knead pizza dough recipe: ~ grandson approved!)
*Add a tidbit of water to get the last little bits of dressings, condiments and sauces out of bottles and cans.
*Use spatulas to scrape out every little bit clinging to sides of bowls and cans, etc.)
*use "day old" breads to make croutons and/or bread crumbs for coating.
*fruit on the verge of going bad? Don't toss! Process (peel, dice) and freeze to use in smoothies, homemade popsicles, banana bread/muffins/pancakes, sorbets, fruit purees/sauces. Use your imagination! bonus: you can use the peels combined with herbs and spices for a simmering potpourri to make your home smell inviting naturally!

♡ as icky and distateful as the thought might be to some, if you find yourself without access to a washer and dryer, or the money to go to a laundromat, you can put some soapy water in the sink or bathtub, take a clean and santized plunger, and plunge, plunge, plunge those dirty clothes clean! Rinse well then air dry using what you've got: clothes hangers, a clothes line, etc.

♡  when my kids were itty bitty, to discourage the whizzing whir of toilet paper being spun off the roll at the speed of sound, I would flatten the roll before putting in the roller. The resulting lopsided, oval shape didn't as easily allow a tp free for all.

♡ in an attempt to conserve the bleach/sanitizers you have on hand, or would rather not use them in order to avoid the chemicals, you can always boil water to pour over dishes and other things that need to be sanitized AND can stand the heat. (Gentle reminder: NEVER mix bleach with ammonia and other cleaners-even some dish soaps warn not to mix with bleach. Please, always read the label. I've known someone that ended up in the hospital from the noxious fumes from mixing bleach and ammonia )~: )

♡  in a pinch, you can make your own syrups, crackers, herb/seasoning mixes and more!

♡  if you feel the need to stock up on water but find grocery store shelves cleared of it, you can always fill any bottles, glass jars, or jugs you have on hand with...are you ready for it?...TAP WATER! Our family has filled rubbermaid tubs and bathtubs with water when hurricanes were headed our way. Not to drink of course, but to wash, clean or flush toilets with. I prefer to drink bottled water too, and even exclusively give bottled water to our pets (I know, I know) buuut, if our back's against the wall, I refused to NOT drink tap water, even if I have to disguise the taste by making tea, infused, or some other flavored beverage out of it.

♡out of dog food? Can't afford it? For many years, before manufactured dog food was a thing, our faithful companions ate the same foods we ate (and, granted, some things we wouldn’t THINK of eating, lol). I've been making and feeding my dog a 2/1 veggie/meat diet for years (I do keep dry food for emergency backup in case I am unable to make her meals for some reason). I will add: PLEASE remember to research a food that you are unsure of before feeding it to your pup.
On the same subject in regards to feeding cats, as the owned (yes, owned) of a finicky feline, I can't even begin to help you there...#catsarecomplex

♡ be thankful. There's always something to be thankful for no matter how trying the times get. Right here, right now I'm thankful for:
*  the garbage workers that I hear outside picking up our trash.
*  the birds I hear singing in our neighborhood.
*  the sun that will be peeking out from behind the clouds...any minute now.
*  the flowers and trees that are beginning to bud and bloom.
*  the earth that continues to spin and rotate.
*  my heart and lungs that keep on keeping on, regardless of the maltreatment I have subjected my body to over the years.
*  everyone that is working hard to keep us safe and healthy.

More to come I'm sure ;~D ...

●My prayer for us all is that we try to think calmly, rationally and prayerfully during these trying times. Stress and worry contribute to illness~we need our immune systems in the best condition possible!

Stay well!😷

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Knead Bread?

Knead (need ;~D) bread and not finding it on store shelves? This is the basic bread recipe I've been useing lately. All you need is yeast, flour, water, oil & salt. And confidence in your basic can-do American spirit.

My cheats? I put it all in my food processor bowl (but have done it without) layering warm water, yeast, oil & sugar/honey, flour then salt, in that order. I don't bother with the cornmeal. I don't slash the top. I normally bake it in a loaf pan but go freeform & herb-y sometimes (have fun!). If I'm feelin' fanschy, I paint the tops with some beaten egg (and save the leftover egg to throw in with the next breakfast of scrambled eggs.)

You can do it!

If you have any questions just ask & I'll try to help.

Happy baking!

And as always, thanks for stopping by! ~TJ

Keeping the Faith~

I've lived through some major funkiness in my lifetime.
Not as bad as some, but HARDSHIP for me & mine nonetheless.
Because of this I can say with confidence, "it's gonna be okay y'all, and what will happen is going to happen, worrying won't stop it from happening."

Breathe deeply.

Pray. Not just for you and yours but the world and all it's leaders, those in charge of public health and safety, first responders...EVERYONE. EVERYONE needs someone praying for them. All the time, not just now.



Thanks for stopping by! ~TJ 

Friday, February 7, 2020

Ready for the Weekend!

Hello Friday! I'll be tying up the loose ends around the house & with my AvonLadyTJ business for the week, so I can UN-tie my apron strings, fling it all to the wind and ENJOY the weekend!

Do you do anything special in anticipation of the weekend?

And I'd like to wish my beautiful mama a happy HAPPY birthday! Love you Mama! ~ xo

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your weekend my friends!~TJ