Sunday, June 1, 2014

Oatmeal Cream Pie Cake

Oatmeal Cream Pie Cake
I mentioned recently that I came up with an oatmeal cream pie cake recipe that my family adores so I wanted to share the recipe. One, so I don't forget it and two, in case anyone else out there would like to give it a go and become a dessert heroine to anyone who happens to have a fondness for a similar factory made delight. Now I'm not claimin' to have the keys to the oatmeal cream pie kingdom with this recipe. No, there are many others out there so individual tastes may vary. Try 'em all!!! I probably will eventually :) 

Here we go...

Oatmeal Cream Pie Cake

For the cake:

2 1/4 cups AP flour
2 cups ground (in my blender) old fashioned oatmeal (or instant oats can be used)
1 1/2 tsp baking soda
1 tsp cinnamon
1 cup softened butter (let sit at room temp 'til softened)
2 cups brown sugar
4 large eggs
1 tbsp pure vanilla extract

For the cream frosting:
1 1/2 sticks room temperature butter
2 2/3 cups powdered sugar (confectioners)
1/4 cup whipping cream
1 tsp pure vanilla extract
a couple of dashes of sea salt

Now, let the fun begin! Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
Spray a 13"x9" baking pan with a baking spray or grease and flour the pan.

Combine first four dry ingredients in a medium sized bowl. Set aside and in a large bowl, cream the softened butter with electric mixer until smooth. Add brown sugar and mix until well combined. Add in eggs and vanilla, blending until well incorporated. Scrape down sides of bowl occasionally to be sure no ingredients are being left out )': 
Add dry ingredients to the butter/sugar mixture and combine well.

Spread the oatmeal dough mixture into your sprayed/greased/floured baking pan and pop that baby into the preheated oven for approximately 25 minutes (or until you can insert a toothpick about an inch from the edge of the pan and it comes out clean). Let cool completely while you make the creamy, dreamy frosting...

Frosting directions:
with your electric mixer, beat the butter until smooth then add the powdered sugar, combining until well incorporated. Add remaining 3 ingredients and blend until well combined. Frost the cake when completely cooled and enjoy!

If you make this, or have any questions, let me know! I love hearing from you!

Thanks for stopping by!~TJ

Friday, May 23, 2014

Checking In

I wanted to stop in & say "hey" after another loooonnnng absence!

After riding a precarious roller coaster with my hubby's health for so long, I'm hoping we are finally seeing some light at the end of this long, dark tunnel. He has just begun seeing a new pain specialist at the nearby university hospital, she changed his meds and they seem to be working so much better than the others he had been taking that were offering little to no relief for his constant, excruciating pain. Because he is feeling so much more relief, we were able to spend the last couple of days out doing some shopping for things for the garden and other miscellaneous goodies.

Needless to say, since he is feeling better, I am feeling better. Not only for him, but because I know that he isn't suffering as much, it has freed my mind and spirit to become more productive and (obviously) less constantly stressed. Many prayers have been answered!

Anyway, I'm still here and since I have missed my little blog so, I'm hoping to share snippets of my life more often again. One thing I'm so excited about is a delicious oatmeal cream pie cake inspired by a certain cute little hat wearin' girl whose name begins with a "D" that I came up with for the fam recently. It's gotten two thumbs and two big toes ( ;) ) up from hubby so it's definitely a keeper. Oh...DD, DF (Dollface our mini weanie) and I love it too! So if my camera cooperates, I'll be sharing that soon! 

Take care, and if anyone is still out there..."see ya soon!~TJ

Saturday, October 12, 2013

No Meals But Exercise

I'm not going to record my meals today because I wasn't very good in making the best choices. I did have a couple of cups of fruit/veggie smoothie and a handful of almonds so all my food choices weren't bad, but too many were, involving sweets & simple carbs. Ugh.

I did ride for twenty minutes on the recumbent bike but didn't go walking in the rain.

Here's to better choices tomorrow!~TJ

Friday, October 11, 2013

Meals, Snacks & Exercise

In an attempt to keep track of what I'm eating so I don't lose focus on my objectives of getting healthier, I'm recording my meals &, snacks as boring as it may be to any poor soul that happens to stumble upon my blog, lol!
I do find it is keeping me more aware of what and how much I'm eating on a daily basis and actually causes me to think through what I eat even when tempted by not so healthy things. Like today...

Upon awakening: 1 reg coffee & 1 decaf coffee both with 1 teaspoon each of heavy cream.

Meal 1:  1/2 egg white veggie omelette, sliced tomatoes

Meal 2: the other half of my egg white veggie omelette & sliced tomatoes

Snack: 7 candy corns (craving sweets BUT used portion control)

Meal 3: brown rice & mushroom recipe I tried. It contained cream of mush soup, butter, brown rice and addition fresh mushrooms.    1 &  1/2 cups. Dessert: I treated myself to 2 rectangles of Hersheys dark chocolate. Again, portion control, which for me is HUGE.

Drinks throughout the day: unsweetened iced green tea, water

I took my dog for a twenty minute walk and then also went for a 45 minute spin on the new recumbent bike we bought yesterday (& hubby put together today!).

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Todays Meals & Snacks

I find that the more I incorporate the extra fruits and vegetables into my daily diet, the less I crave the usual junk that I normally am drawn to. Interesting.


Upon awakening: 1 cup reg. coffee with 1 tsp cream & 1 cup decaf wih 1 tsp. cream

"Meal" 1: 2 1/2 cups fruit & veggie smoothie (leftover from last night)

Snack: 1 oz. natural unsalted almonds

Snack: 5 of those new Burger King lower fat & calorie French fries, "satisfries" is what I think they're called. Out running errands & shopping & wanted a little something before I went into starvation mode (which could equal binge mode if I'm not careful).

"Meal" 2: BK fish sandwich, large lettuce & tomato salad (w/ mung bean sprouts) & lemon vinaigrette

Snack: banana "shake" made with only frozen bananas, rice milk & a bit of Truvia

I did weigh in today so every Thursday will be my weigh in day.

Have a great day!~TJ

Some Objectives of Mine

I thought I would post some things I would like to work toward with my eating and nutrition and the "whys" behind them. These are "for now" as I'm sure, like the oceans tide, they may change.

Objective 1- Weight loss of 50 pounds. This is the big one. For aesthetic purposes, yeah. But the main reason is that I want to be vibrantly healthy as I get older, not sick and suffering as I am now. And I believe that a healthy weight is the foundation in many other health related issues.

Objective 2- Get off my blood pressure meds. Which I believe is tied into Objective 1.

For now, those are two lofty goals I'd like to focus on in my journey for better nutrition. Again, this is for me and I realize food and nutrition are very, very personal. I'm not trying to preach to anyone. I'm just recording this journey so I can look back to see any changes and how long they may have taken.

How do I plan to obtain these objectives? For starters, I am aiming for more fruits & veggies in my diet. And portion control.

That's it. For now. I don't want to overwhelm myself as I have always done in the past by trying too much, too soon, getting overwhelmed, losing focus & then quitting. I tend to be all or nothing in so many areas but find that that tendency backfires on me all too often.

So, for now that's it. If I can maintain these simple changes, I feel I'll be on my way to great changes!

With visions of broccoli and berries in my head~TJ

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Meals & Movement

As I've alluded to previously, this past year has taken it's toll. As many of us do when faced with a loved ones illness, we put ourselves on the back burner. It's all a matter of priorities.

Some days, I don't put on makeup or go beyond making sure I'm bathed, wearing clean, presentable clothes that aren't too slobby looking and popping in some earrings so I look like I've put in some effort.

Yeah. It's been pretty bad. Because that's really soooo not like me. I've always enjoyed primping, wearing makeup, jewelry, nice clothes, smelling purty and getting out of the house once in a while. And while this past year hasn't been the cause of my excess weight-I've been carrying around a good (bad) extra 50-60 pounds for a few years now-the stress of it all sure isn't helping matters. I also find that since I'm heavier than I would like to be, I'm not compelled to dress up this package and, heaven forbid, draw attention to myself. Some women, I've heard, overcompensate by wearing extra makeup etc., to distract from the fat. I'm the opposite. I guess it's all a matter of perspective in how you view your camouflage.

Anyway, to add insult to injury, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure a while back, which I don't have to tell you, could lead to devastating health complications. Oh, and let's not forget, mildly high cholesterol. In spite of all that, I still have the bad eating habits that I established in my youth: binging, emotional eating, and a few sweet teeth the size of Texas y'all. It's all a viscous cycle exacerbated by stress. Oh. And even my weenie dog's fat. Something's reeeeally gotta give.

Today my meals & snacks look a little something like this (keep in mind, I don't eat on a strict schedule at set times so that's why I label my eating times as I do):

Upon awakening: 2 cups of coffee with a teaspoon of heavy cream in each (heavy cream=a delicious indulgence/habit started in my Somersizing WOE days)

"Meal" 1: One cup of fruit/veggie smoothie (contained spring salad mix, broccoli florets, mung bean sprouts, pineapple, banana, strawberry, apple, mango, grapes, blackberries, water) . Threw it all in my Ninja the night before for morning convenience...and to not wake the whole household up to the blending noise.
One ounce of natural, unsalted almonds.

"Meal" 2: One and a half Lean Pockets 3 Cheese Spinach (whole) & spinach, artichoke & chicken (half).

"Meal" 3: 3 cups of fruit/veggie smoothie (broccoli, mung bean sprouts, celery, carrot, grapes, pineapple, banana, cantaloupe, lemon juice,  maqui juice and water. Oh, and a couple of packets of Truvia to counteract the tartness of the lemon juice! *pucker*)
I know to some, these smoothies might sound disgusting but I like them and I am getting in a greater variety of fruits and veggies than if I were to try to eat all the different items separately and whole. I don't follow a recipe, I use what  have on hand. I hope to eventually work up to a higher veggie to fruit ratio.
Snack: 1 ounce of Tostitos & 2 Tablespoons of salsa

Beverages (throughout the day): unsweetened green/black tea blend, iced; water; hot herbal tea, unsweetened

I have been trying to get out in the evenings and walk my pup but since today was fairly busy taking hubby around for errands and shopping, I was whipped by the time we got home so our walk didn't happen. I just made an effort to chase her around the house for a bit playing "I'm gonna get you". She loves that! (: It gets us both up & moving, *giggle*.

I want to add that, while I don't want to be a slave to counting calories, carbs etc., I don't mind measuring & weighing so that I have right portions when necessary.

my handy, dandy, trusty food scale
Thanks for stopping by & here's to a happy, healthy YOU!~TJ

PS~I totally forgot to weigh myself this morning...


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