Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Fifty Days to 50~Day 9

Facemaster (from Suzanne Somers)

I have a little device called the Facemaster that operates on a microcurrent to help stimulate the facial muscles thus giving a "facelift". I am actually on my second one. The first one still works but the newer one is just easier.

My focus is to use this machine at least five days of the week. Ideally, I would say everyday, but I will feel good about doing at least 5 out of seven.

That is what I will be adding to days 1-8.

Now, the moment of truth:

*Yesterdays Update:

I did all but stretching!
These are all small things and sometimes I am able to do them all and some days I don't/can't get to them all. That's okay. It's better than doing nothing good for myself!

Have a beautiful day!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fifty Days to 50~Day 8


My day 8 focus is going to be on taking my vitamins and other supplements more diligently. Mainly, I want to focus on getting, what I consider to be the most important ones in each day. Namely, a multi vitamin, calcium, magnesium, potassium and CoQ10. I have many more that I try to take each day but sometimes the sheer number of them becomes overwhelming, the day gets away from me or I just simply can't stand to swallow one. more. pill.

So now adding upon days 1-7, I will focus on getting at least that core group of supplements in each day and if I can manage the others, or even SOME of the others, I will feel that I'm doing pretty good!

*Yesterdays Update:
I'm going to go about listing these in a different way so as to not take up a lot of space or a lot of time for anyone who might be reading/following along.

I did everything except the dieter's tea and the stretching.

Have a great day!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Fifty Days to 50~Day 7

PM Dieters Tea

Today I want to add in a cup of dieter's tea. The brand I am going to use is something I already have in my pantry. It's called Laci LeBeau's Super Dieters Tea. I have to work a bit harder than I did when I was younger at watching my weight. Right now, I'm working at not gaining MORE weight and when I get a handle on that, I hope to start shedding a few pounds. Slowly but healthfully!

So now, in addition to my

1) 10 minutes of daily exercise

2) Starting my day with 8 ounces of warm lemon water AND continuing to hydrate throughout the day.

3) Focus on good posture.

4) Taking deep cleansing breaths several times a day.

5) Taking time out for an occasional stretch throughout the day.

6) Drinking a cup of detox tea daily.

I will add:

7) Drinking a cup of dieters tea after dinner each evening.

*Yesterdays Update:

1) I did ten minutes of exercise. It was a hodgpodge of different one's throughout the day but it all added up!

2) I think the lemon water in the morning thing is catching on with me!

3) Posture check, check!

4) Yes, I did my deep breathing!

5) Stretch, I did!

6) :(  No detox tea.

Five out of six ain't bad! Baby steps, baby steps...

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Fifty Days to 50~Day 6

AM Detox Tea~

I want to (sometime after warm lemon water and coffee) make a daily habit of incorporating a detox tea. Right now in my pantry I have this:

but will keep my eye out for other possible detox teas.

In addition to my

1) 10 minutes of daily exercise

2) Starting my day with 8 ounces of warm lemon water AND continuing to hydrate throughout the day.

3) Focus on good posture.

4) Taking deep cleansing breaths several times a day.

5) Taking time out for an occasional stretch throughout the day.

I will add:

6) Drinking a cup of detox tea daily.

*Yesterdays Update:

1) I did some exercise, but not 10 minutes worth.

2) I did drink my morning lemon water and continued drinking water throughout the day.

3) I kept my posture in check.

4) I took a deep breath here and there throughout my day.

5) I did a bit of stretching but want to build upon it, adding a little more each day.

All these little changes will add up over time and will lead to (hopefully) life long healthy habits!

Have a healthy day!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Fifty Days to 50~Day 5

Stretching is another "daily" I want to get in the habit of doing. Right now I want to aim to just take a minute or two three to four times a day to just take a time out and streeeeetch my body. I have a great 10 minute stretch vhs tape (from the old days, lol) that I love to do so, eventually, I would like to work that into my day as well. But for now baby steps.

In addition to my

1) 10 minutes of daily exercise

2) Starting my day with 8 ounces of warm lemon water AND continuing to hydrate throughout the day.

3) Focus on good posture.

4) Taking deep cleansing breaths several times a day.

I will add:

5) Taking time out for an occasional stretch throughout the day.

*Yesterdays Update:

1) I spent 21 minutes walking on the treadmill. I upped the speed for a few minutes to get a brisk pace going. I also bumped the incline up to "2" to get a little more umph in there! While preparing meals, when I found myself standing and was able to safely do so, I would do leg lifts, to the back and to the sides.

2) I did start my day with warm lemon water and continued to hydrate throughout the day!

3) I corrected my posture each time I caught myself sitting or standing badly. (Funny thing, it has made me more aware of other's posture as well. Yesterday, I noticed the lady that was checking my hubby in for an ultrasound had great posture!)

4) I  took a few deep breaths during the day, but I've got a long way to go before I am taking as many as I would like.

Enjoy your day!

Frugal Five

I had gotten out of the habit of sharing my "frugal five" (five things I've focused on to save money for the past week, but a quick visit to some frugal blogs has "shamed" *not really, giggle* me into figuring I would get back up on that horse.
 So, without further ado, heres five things I've done this past week to save a bit of dough.

1) My breadmaker died weeks ago & since hubby didn't jump right up & say we would go out & buy another, I secretly thought maybe he was "over" my homemade bread. So for those few weeks, I would buy his go to store bought bread, Natures Own Honey Wheat. At our most supermarkets it goes for almost $3 but I found I could getit a the Dollar Tree for, well $1 obviously, lol! I don't remember the conversation but one day we found ourselves having breakfast and planning to go to Target for something & hubby said "let's get a breadmaker while we're there". I could only find one on the shelves but we took it home & now it happily whirs oatmeal, flour, butter & yeast at least once a week to make a nice soft loaf of homemade bread! Good thing, because before my old breadmaker died, I had just hauled home a 25 pound bag of bread flour!

2) I have been picking up a few mystery shops to bring in a little extra money.

3) I picked and dried some basil and oregano out of my garden.

4) Our roses are blooming a bit and so I've been cutting & bringing a few in at a time for little fresh flower arrangements. I also picked up a $3 floral arrangement at Kroger. It lasted a good week or so andvas flowers started wilting I would take them out, leaving the good ones. The arrangement shrunk down to just daisies, and I put them in a smaller vase.

5) Had my hair trimmed, a paraffin treatment on my hands and my eyebrows waxed by my daughter at the beauty school. All for a mere $15! It helps the students get hands on experience and she earns "points" for each service she provides. The instructor is on hand to check the work when done. So, if you're in need of a little trim or a bit of pampering, find a cosmetology school nearby. You help them out while receiving a service in return! Win, win.

Have a great week!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Fifty Days to 50~Day 4

Breathe! Deeply!

Today I want to focus on taking a few moments out of my day, two to three times a day (ideally) to take some deep belly breaths. To oxygenate all my cells. (Maybe I can fool my body into thinking I'm running & it will let go of some fat cells (;  )

Having good posture (from yesterdays focus) will help with this! And it always helps me relax a bit too, especially if I'm stressing!

There are so many wonderful benefits to deep breathing! And if we can breathe normally & deeply we should count our blessings and DO IT! Because there are so many in this world with pulmonary issues and diseases that wish they had healthy lungs and could take deep, cleansing, refreshing breaths!

So ready? Deep breath in...

So, in addition to my

1) 10 minutes of daily exercise

2) Starting my day with 8 ounces of warm lemon water AND continuing to hydrate throughout the day.

3) Focus on good posture.

I will add:

4) Taking deep cleansing breaths several times a day.

*Yesterdays Update:

1) I ended up not doing my exercise (I'll use the Doctors orders out for this one even though it's just that I had a hectic, unfocused kind of day).
2) I didn't START my day with the lemon water but DID drink plenty of it throughout the day!
3) I did catch myself slumping a few times and immediately corrected it!

Let's all do a little something healthy for ourselves today!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Use it Up; Wear it Out

Due to the fact that I have so much stuff, I have decided to try and focus on using up what I've got, finishing things off, rather than running out and buying MORE. What a concept, huh?

There have been seasons in my life where I had not option but to do just that. As a single mom of three little kids for many years, the funds were simply not there to spend frivolously. Times have changed. Two of my children are grown and supporting their own lives now and the last one is almost grown as well. I have remarried and we are doing well. And now I find myself with stuffed closets and cabinets and drawers full of, and overflowing with, the likes of cosmetics, lotions & potions & clothing. Yes, I am blessed. Sometimes though, a blessing can become a curse if we are not careful.

So, all that being said, I am working on finishing things. Right now I'm on the last bit of a toothpaste tube and a container of blush. Not long ago I surgically removed the very last bits of a tube of Jergen's Natural Glow Body Moisturizer and felt very triumphant as I threw the container away. But before that, I had become a collector of self tanners. That's when I knew I had a problem. And that's when I knew the madness must stop.

I have always been good at trying to use up the last bits of food and scrape containers, cans and bottles til they squeaked. So why not apply that to other areas as well?

I'll keep ya updated. Wish me luck & focus!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a blissful day!  

Fifty Days to 50~Day 3


Stand up straight!

I'm sure all our mama's told us that on many an occasion, right? Well, that's my day three focus.

Standing up straight helps us look slimmer without giving up one bite of anything our hearts and tummy's desire (& who doesn't want that?) It takes pressure off our organs that get squished when we're slumped over onto 'em. Which I'm sure, in turn, must help them be able to function better.

I know that making so many changes on a daily basis is a tall order. However, I feel since they are such small changes, that they can realistically be implemented. I plan to review them each day (several times a day would be ideal to keep me focused) and then just do my best!

Yes, life will get in the way, but I figure even the smallest of positive change is of great benefit. It sure beats doing nothing!!!

So, in addition to my

1) 10 minutes of daily exercise

2) Starting my day with 8 ounces of warm lemon water AND continuing to hydrate throughout the day.

I will add

3) Focusing on good posture. Sitting and standing straighter and taller. I always thought I'd love to be taller! (At this point I will be happy if I don't shrink & lose those inches I hear happens as we get older.)

*Yesterdays Update:

Due to having a medical procedure and my doctor telling me to take it easy for a day or two & not exercise, I didn't do any. Not even ten minutes. Sadly, being the lazy girl I am, you don't have to tell me twice not to exercise!
Today, however, I want to do at least some walking exercise such as the ones I did on day 1.

Again, I must confess, I did not begin my day with lemon water. Tonight I will leave out a cup with the lemon on top and a knife nearby, BY THE COFFEE MAKER! I can just push the Keurig's button to dispense hot water, squeeze the lemon juice in an go about my business. That way I can't help but remember!
Sometimes we just have to set ourselves up for success rather than failure, right?

Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fifty Days to 50~Day 2

Today I want to add in and focus on hydration. I do drink water, I like water, especially with a bit of lemon squeezed in, but I want to start beginning my day with lemon water...before the coffee. That may be a challenge in my foggy morning state to actually do the lemon water before my auto pilot brain pops in that K-cup & hits "brew" but, I CAN and WILL give it a go!

I've read that warm lemon water to begin your day (and probably at any time of the day) is great for our livers. And our livers are working overtime in our toxic, polluted society. Add in a bad diet (I'm only pointing a finger at myself here) and it could spell disaster if our liver decides it can't handle to process one day.

So, in addition to my

1) 10 minutes of daily exercise (I guess I should've added yesterday that I meant the kind that will get me breathing hard, challenging my muscles and ewww, maybe even perspiring a little.)

I will add

2) Starting my day with 8 ounces of warm lemon water AND continuing to hydrate throughout the day. Water rich fruit & veggies count in the equation, coffee & teas don't (they actually dehydrate from what I understand, acting as diuretics)
*(which I did not do this morning ):  ~~~being honest...totally forgot due to early morning fog. Brain fog! I'm just not a morning person.)

Is anyone with me on this journey?!

Yesterdays update:

I did a few more exercises as the day went on, a couple of squats here and there and raising up & down on my tip-toes while folding laundry. It's the little things, right?!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fifty Days to 50~Day 1

Today, I decided that I need to move. My doctor wants me to do 30 minutes of exercise a day. I started to do that and it soon fell by the wayside. So, I'm going to aim for ten minutes a day to start. Ten measly minutes. I can do that.

This morning, as soon as I got up (and got my coffee~hey, baby steps remember?)
I searched up "standing core exercises" since I have issues with my neck & even BIGGER issues with my belly/core, if you know what I mean(;

Here's what I ran across so I decided, I can do that!...

Jasons Fit Kitchen A 10 Minute Walking Workout

and then I moved into his

Walk With Weights

finishing up with his

Abs With Weights

Yes it was more than ten minutes but it was very doable, even for me! I subscribed to his channel and will try out some more of his " do-able even for me" exercises to meet my daily ten minute exercise quota. The best part about doing them this morning? I'M DONE FOR THE DAY!!! If I choose to do any other exercise, it will be BONUS!!! (patting myself on the's ok to do that (:   )

I feel so great about myself for doing this for myself!

Have a great day!!!

Fifty Days to 50

With my ahem, personal golden anniversary fast approaching, I decided I was going to do a "Fifty Days to 50" series. Incorporating a small, do-able, healthy change each day and build upon it.

This past year has been difficult with my husband suffering major health issues and myself having a few health "scares". High blood pressure, high cholesterol and testing ordered by my doctor to see if I was pre-diabetic (turns out I wasn't but if I don't change my ways, I'm liable to be). And there's no secret or arguing that I have a few extra pounds I've been carrying around for the past several years. OK, more than a "few" more like forty or fifty. (I have that 10 pound range because in my 20's & 30's I was 50 pounds less, now that I'm in my late forties, an extra ten might look better, I don't know.) 

With all that being said, I know I need to make some positive healthy changes for myself but I know if I try "too much, too soon" I'll eventually can all of the changes and go back to doing nothing at all. So, I decided to take baby steps, which is hard for an "all or nothing" kinda girl like myself. But I'm going to try it this way and see what changes I notice in my appearance and energy level at the end of the fifty days.

This, I intend is to be a journal of that journey...

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Belated Happy Valentines Day & In the Shop

*Please note: links may take you to my personal Etsy shop

I hope everyone (anyone?) that reads my humble little blog had a wonderfully romantic, and happy Valentines Day! You don't need to be in a romatic relationship with anyone to have a romantic day or life!

I have been a bit under the weather the past couple of days but won't let it get me too down.

I have been working on a couple of new apron styles for my shop:

Sassy Sweetheart Full Apron
Flirty Half Apron
I'm still tweaking and plying with the designs but I'm happy with them so far!
Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Dog Days

*This post is from the spring of 2012. I don't know how it got overlooked...

Wednesday afternoon, our little princess, Dollface began scratching. I asked her "Do you have a flea?" No answer, just more scratching.

After picking up my daughter from school, she calls out, "Mom, I think Dollface has fleas!" Had she seen any flea? "No", just scratching.

So I promptly put a vial of Advantage on her (the dog (o; ) and a couple of hours later, we all headed out to dinner.

When we returned, Ari noticed that Dollface looked puffy around her neck area and when I looked down, her collar looked a bit tight and she had bumps all over her head! I removed the collar & inspected her a little further and then promptly called an after hours vet. The person I talked said to keep a watchful eye on her and maybe give her some children's Benadryl. We did and then I bathed her thinking she might be having an adverse reaction to the Advantage.

She continued to scratch throughout the evening but acted otherwise, normal. Eating, drinking, going potty, playing...and ScRaTcHiNg.

Thursday morning, she looked much better. No head bumps and only slight puffiness in her neck and face. We gave her another dose of Benadryl and I called our vet. After I explained the situation, the tech said they were seeing more allergic reactions since the weather was warming up and there were more bugs out. Since Dollface had been out in the backyard early the morning this all started, she surmised that she may have gotten bitten and was having an allergic reaction. "Keep giving Benadryl very 8 hours but if she isn't continuing to get better by one o'clock bring her in."

Well, come Saturday morning, she's scratching, scratching, scratching & I'm feeling terrible that she's suffered this long. To make matters worse, I was scheduled to work & wouldn't be able to take her to the vet, who would only be open a short time that day. Hubby volunteers to take her, bless his heart, he's not used to being the take the babies to the doctor parent, unless we go together.

All's well that ends well. The vet gave her a shot, and a homeopathic ointment to put on the rashy areas where the skin had gotten broken from all that scratching ): She's all better now & sleeping comfortably, none the worse for wear.

And so ends yet another saga that contributes to my "mother guilt".

Am I the only one that has this?


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