Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fifty Days to 50~Day 3


Stand up straight!

I'm sure all our mama's told us that on many an occasion, right? Well, that's my day three focus.

Standing up straight helps us look slimmer without giving up one bite of anything our hearts and tummy's desire (& who doesn't want that?) It takes pressure off our organs that get squished when we're slumped over onto 'em. Which I'm sure, in turn, must help them be able to function better.

I know that making so many changes on a daily basis is a tall order. However, I feel since they are such small changes, that they can realistically be implemented. I plan to review them each day (several times a day would be ideal to keep me focused) and then just do my best!

Yes, life will get in the way, but I figure even the smallest of positive change is of great benefit. It sure beats doing nothing!!!

So, in addition to my

1) 10 minutes of daily exercise

2) Starting my day with 8 ounces of warm lemon water AND continuing to hydrate throughout the day.

I will add

3) Focusing on good posture. Sitting and standing straighter and taller. I always thought I'd love to be taller! (At this point I will be happy if I don't shrink & lose those inches I hear happens as we get older.)

*Yesterdays Update:

Due to having a medical procedure and my doctor telling me to take it easy for a day or two & not exercise, I didn't do any. Not even ten minutes. Sadly, being the lazy girl I am, you don't have to tell me twice not to exercise!
Today, however, I want to do at least some walking exercise such as the ones I did on day 1.

Again, I must confess, I did not begin my day with lemon water. Tonight I will leave out a cup with the lemon on top and a knife nearby, BY THE COFFEE MAKER! I can just push the Keurig's button to dispense hot water, squeeze the lemon juice in an go about my business. That way I can't help but remember!
Sometimes we just have to set ourselves up for success rather than failure, right?

Have a great day!

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