Monday, February 25, 2013

Fifty Days to 50~Day 7

PM Dieters Tea

Today I want to add in a cup of dieter's tea. The brand I am going to use is something I already have in my pantry. It's called Laci LeBeau's Super Dieters Tea. I have to work a bit harder than I did when I was younger at watching my weight. Right now, I'm working at not gaining MORE weight and when I get a handle on that, I hope to start shedding a few pounds. Slowly but healthfully!

So now, in addition to my

1) 10 minutes of daily exercise

2) Starting my day with 8 ounces of warm lemon water AND continuing to hydrate throughout the day.

3) Focus on good posture.

4) Taking deep cleansing breaths several times a day.

5) Taking time out for an occasional stretch throughout the day.

6) Drinking a cup of detox tea daily.

I will add:

7) Drinking a cup of dieters tea after dinner each evening.

*Yesterdays Update:

1) I did ten minutes of exercise. It was a hodgpodge of different one's throughout the day but it all added up!

2) I think the lemon water in the morning thing is catching on with me!

3) Posture check, check!

4) Yes, I did my deep breathing!

5) Stretch, I did!

6) :(  No detox tea.

Five out of six ain't bad! Baby steps, baby steps...

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