Friday, February 22, 2013

Fifty Days to 50~Day 4

Breathe! Deeply!

Today I want to focus on taking a few moments out of my day, two to three times a day (ideally) to take some deep belly breaths. To oxygenate all my cells. (Maybe I can fool my body into thinking I'm running & it will let go of some fat cells (;  )

Having good posture (from yesterdays focus) will help with this! And it always helps me relax a bit too, especially if I'm stressing!

There are so many wonderful benefits to deep breathing! And if we can breathe normally & deeply we should count our blessings and DO IT! Because there are so many in this world with pulmonary issues and diseases that wish they had healthy lungs and could take deep, cleansing, refreshing breaths!

So ready? Deep breath in...

So, in addition to my

1) 10 minutes of daily exercise

2) Starting my day with 8 ounces of warm lemon water AND continuing to hydrate throughout the day.

3) Focus on good posture.

I will add:

4) Taking deep cleansing breaths several times a day.

*Yesterdays Update:

1) I ended up not doing my exercise (I'll use the Doctors orders out for this one even though it's just that I had a hectic, unfocused kind of day).
2) I didn't START my day with the lemon water but DID drink plenty of it throughout the day!
3) I did catch myself slumping a few times and immediately corrected it!

Let's all do a little something healthy for ourselves today!

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