Saturday, February 23, 2013

Frugal Five

I had gotten out of the habit of sharing my "frugal five" (five things I've focused on to save money for the past week, but a quick visit to some frugal blogs has "shamed" *not really, giggle* me into figuring I would get back up on that horse.
 So, without further ado, heres five things I've done this past week to save a bit of dough.

1) My breadmaker died weeks ago & since hubby didn't jump right up & say we would go out & buy another, I secretly thought maybe he was "over" my homemade bread. So for those few weeks, I would buy his go to store bought bread, Natures Own Honey Wheat. At our most supermarkets it goes for almost $3 but I found I could getit a the Dollar Tree for, well $1 obviously, lol! I don't remember the conversation but one day we found ourselves having breakfast and planning to go to Target for something & hubby said "let's get a breadmaker while we're there". I could only find one on the shelves but we took it home & now it happily whirs oatmeal, flour, butter & yeast at least once a week to make a nice soft loaf of homemade bread! Good thing, because before my old breadmaker died, I had just hauled home a 25 pound bag of bread flour!

2) I have been picking up a few mystery shops to bring in a little extra money.

3) I picked and dried some basil and oregano out of my garden.

4) Our roses are blooming a bit and so I've been cutting & bringing a few in at a time for little fresh flower arrangements. I also picked up a $3 floral arrangement at Kroger. It lasted a good week or so andvas flowers started wilting I would take them out, leaving the good ones. The arrangement shrunk down to just daisies, and I put them in a smaller vase.

5) Had my hair trimmed, a paraffin treatment on my hands and my eyebrows waxed by my daughter at the beauty school. All for a mere $15! It helps the students get hands on experience and she earns "points" for each service she provides. The instructor is on hand to check the work when done. So, if you're in need of a little trim or a bit of pampering, find a cosmetology school nearby. You help them out while receiving a service in return! Win, win.

Have a great week!


NanaDiana said...

Thank you for finding me and leaving a comment- Now I found you back. Sounds like you are on a good track for the 50's. I loved turning 50!

I see that you are pretty new to blogging? Do you know that you have double word verification on AND that you are a NoReply commentor when you leave a comment? If you want directions to fix those let me know- they are VERY easy fixes.

Have a great Saturday- xo Diana

NanaDiana said...

ps...I am your newest follower-


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