Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Cookbook Collection

Recently, I rearranged and did a (much needed) cleanout of our pantry. I'm blessed with a large, roomy pantry that got wayyy out of hand. It had begun to look like some of those homes on the tv show Hoarders where there is only enough room to take a few (dangerous) steps in order to get what you need. Seriously. It was bad. I set out to reorder things in a way that made much more sense for the way we use the kitchen. While it's still a work in progress, one thing I did was put my cookbooks on a shelf in the pantry so they are easier to see and to reach for. Bonus: I found a cookbook that, for the life of me, couldn't figure out where it had gone. I had begun to think maybe I had given it to the thrift store. Kinda sad. (my memory and my organizational skills, lol!)Recently, my very first hard copy Gooseberry Patch Cookbook arrived from an eBay auction I won. It's brand new and I think I'm in love...I think this is the beginning of a wonderful relationship!
This little ragamuffin is at least thirty years old and contains handwritten recipe cards of collected recipes that were the beginning of my love affair with cooking (but not with food ); ~THAT came years before (= )

I traded out my old, plastic, funky recipe box for this like-new one I found at the thrift store for probably .50. It holds more beloved recipes that were clipped from newspapers, magazines, boxes & bags and handwritten on index and recipe cards. Some I've had for years and have never tried. Sometimes I wonder if I ever will. Oh well, I'll keep dreamin' & hopin' that I haven't held onto them in vain... I like its little ledge that I can set the recipes on while I prepare them.
I will bequeath them to my lucky children and hope they can figure out how to prepare the recipes (they love and request time and time again) that only contain my notes on the ingredients needed and not the actual prep instructions. Mama loves y'all! ;D

I still have a stack of magazines that hold recipes I can't part with, recipes printed from websites, pages ripped from magazines and other various sources that I need to go through and organize into my three ring binder. It'll happen. One of these days.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing in my cookbook collection!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happenin's 'round Here

This week has been a little busier than normal. We've had workers here replacing our home's siding. The noise level has been "interesting". Mostly from hubby dealing with the insurance company over it, (; bless his heart. I'm thankful I have a man that handles that sort of thing. (Although, I'm up for the task if need be. Grrr, grrr.)

Yesterday, Ari & I went to the Dermatologist for a checkup on a few spots of concern. We got a good report for the most part, thank the Lord. There's a spot she wants to keep an eye on on my face but other than that, we're good. And from that, and the prescription I picked up last night, I'm so thankful for good insurance. (How can they in all good conscience charge SO much for medications?) But if you feel you might need to have your skin screened and don't have insurance, you can go to The American Academy of Dermatology to see about a free skin cancer screening and/or learn more about skin self exam. It's sooo important that we take care of ourselves~so many people love us and depend on us...if you don't do it for yourself, do it for them. Speaking of, there's a mammogram I've been putting off...ugh.

Tomorrow, I have an appointment with my podiatrist. Yet another follow up visit and hopefully to schedule the remaining surgery to have the pins removed from my toes. Also, my ankle has been acting up so I'm going to see if he thinks I might need another steroid shot in it. The last one was over five years ago. I was limping so badly because of it, he thought it would be a good thing to do. And it really helped. I'm not limping right now because of it but it sure "talks to me" when I've been walking alot. (A girl can't properly walk the mall if her ankle hurts.)

Well, I have a bread pudding (to use up those bits and pieces of leftover bread and the three apples that had begun to frown at me whenever I walked by) that's needing the final touches put to it and a loaf of bread that's needs checking so, until next time...

thank's for stopping by!


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