Friday, June 21, 2013

Computer Woes & How I Make Up to $400 a Month Working Weekends The wonders of it all. I've long since been dealing with a laptop that has been begging for mercy to be put out of its misery as it slowly died that wouldn't allow me on Blogger, no matter what I tried. But then, our desktop decided to implode and left me high and dry.

Over the last few days, we managed to get a new desktop and today, plan on replacing my laptop.
Now on to a way to make money if you are looking for extra cash...

After a stressed out sounding voice mail from my scheduler this morning, telling me how much she needed to fill positions, I thought I would stop in and share how I make some extra money by working as a product demonstrator on weekends, since I know many are looking for ways to earn much needed money.

I work with a company called Tallgrass Talent Group doing product demos mostly at Target stores and mostly on the weekends. My shifts are generally only 5 hours long but that five hours is on my feet. I enjoy interacting with the shoppers and my co workers. And as much as I LOVE being at home for the most part, it allows me to get out of the house and interact with others.

Sign up is easy and I would recommend it highly if you need to add a bit o` extra money to the fam's funds. Tallgrass Talent Group dot com. (<<not
a referral link just sharing!)
Have an in-the-green financial day!~TJ

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Breaking Those Blogging Rules

I make no secret that I enjoy visiting Money Saving Mom's blog. I just this morning ran across her recent post: "Why I Think You Should Break the Blogging Rules" and this was my response/comment:

Whew! I just breathed a sigh of relief because your post was a verbal "picture" of me & my blog! I started it as mainly a "journal" of my and my families life. But I found I lost sight of that MANY times, resulting in frustration & just flat out not blogging, which is SO not what I wanted from it. Just this past week or so I have tried to re-focus on, and be at peace, with that: just a lil' ole' journal of me & my life. And if others wanna hop on board & peek into it, "welcome on in, y'all!".
Thank you!~TJ

If you are a blogger, any type of blogger, I would highly recommend reading this post! It made me feel better anyway!

Now I'm off to make myself that second cup o' coffee and get ready to go watch my baby graduate high school!!!

Now where did I put that waterproof mascara....?

Wishing you tears of pride and joy this weekend!~TJ

Friday, June 7, 2013

Clutter Bustin'

Amidst the anticipation and preparations for graduations in our family (nephew & daughter) I'm soldiering on with my attempt to rid our home of some unnecessary things, today's things I rounded up:
Passing along some computer learning programs to my grandson;
an old sheet set for donation
and a couple of shelf liners that I may sell if I can't find any shelves that need lining (I originally bought them for craft projects).
I cleaned out some saved recipes that I have had way too long and never made, after realizing I probably never will make them. If I need such recipes in the future, there's a great big world web just brimming with recipes. Off to the recycling bin with them!
I hope you enjoy the upcoming weekend and whatever summery things you have planned! See you soon!~TJ

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Busy Day; Happy Day

Wow! Yesterday was a busy one! At this season of my life, most days have taken on a nice, easy flow, with things such as doctor appointments, sprinkled in here and there several days a week.

But yesterday? I started off by dropping my daughter off at school, returned home to get ready to take my hubby to his physical therapy appointment. Dropped him off and figured I would head to the hair salon a block over to have my hair cut and styled so I would feel presentable for the graduations we will attend. 

After his therapy and my haircut, we then headed over to the Blockbuster that is going out of business here to see if there were any movies we might like to add to our collection since the markdowns are tremendous! (Results? ten movies for $18!).

Once back at home, we had lunch and I recharged my batteries by laying down a bit while hubby tinkered around in the man cave (garage).

At 4, I had to run over to DD's school to be her "model" for cosmetology testing. Once that was done, a quick trip to the grocery store for a few necessities, a run through the drive through at hubby's request for the only thing he can think of to eat that doesn't make him feel queasy, a fish sandwich.
Back at home, with the groceries put away and hubby fed, I grab a quick bite before running back to pick up my DD.

Boy, I was so happy once we got home and I could put on my comfy, cozy clothes and settle in for a little t.v. show catch up with my baby girl before she headed up to bed for the night.

Now, I know many have much more hectic schedules on a daily basis than I, (even I have had seasons of life that were much busier and more hectic) but when you aren't used to it anymore, well...I kinda feel like I had been kicked by a horse when it was all said & done!

Through whatever each day brings though, I try to always remember to savor the moments, because I've learned through trial and error that one day you wake up, blink, and wonder where all the years, and your little ones, went.

Have a savor-licious day!~TJ

Monday, June 3, 2013

Food Mood~Summer Fruits & the Dessert Possibilities!

Do you ever get in a "food mood"? I do. And lately I've been in a cobbler kind of mood.

It all started when hubby ordered IHOP's Peaches and Cream Brioche French Toast. That got my mind on peaches. And then peach cobbler.

I couldn't get peach cobbler out of my mind for days. And then when, finally, my po' brain got some blessed relief from thoughts of peach cobbler, we find ourselves in IHOP again. And he orders that dang peaches and cream concoction again. And my obsessive brain grabs hold of visions of peach cobbler, yes...again.

So, I made myself some peach cobbler, stat. And since no one else seemed to have any interest whatsoever in peach cobbler, I ate the whole thing. By myself. Over the course of a few days. I sure did.

And now, just this morning, I ran across some blackberries I had stashed away in the freezer. And that got me to thinkin'...
Oh yeah!
Blackberry Cobbler~I made it! Couldn't wait!
Also, while I was looking in the freezer, I happened to spy some raspberries. And that's got me to thinkin'...
Mmm mmm!
Hmmm. Decisions, decisions.
The summer fruitiness of it all is making my tummy hungry!
And my mouth water!
Happy fruity desserts to all!~TJ

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Weekend This & That

This weekend I worked both Saturday and Sunday doing demos so, I am not going to pressure myself to go through things collecting "stuff" for trash/donate. Even though I only work five hours at my demo gig, I'm on my feet for those five hours and I'm no spring chicken, lol! Now, even though the Clutter Busting challenge is over at Money Saving Mom's, I am still planning to post my daily Clutter Bustin' accomplishments since I hopped on their bandwagon late in the game. Besides, I have just come to the conclusion that it's something I will need to do for quite a while to get my clutter under control.

Saturday, hubby surprised me by making pasta for dinner when I got home and only asked me to bring home some garlic bread from the freezer section at the store, which we love just about as much as my homemade garlic bread! And it's a whole lot less work! And today, when I got home, he had the Papa Johns website fired up & ready to order pizza for dinner tonight. What a good hubby I have :D.

Between all that & my DD manning the dishes for the weekend and I'm a happy mama!

Speaking of my daughter, this week she turns 18 and graduates from high school! Yay! Almost too much excitement for me to handle!

Well, I'll close this little "journal entry" for now but not forever! See you soon!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!~TJ


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