Friday, June 7, 2013

Clutter Bustin'

Amidst the anticipation and preparations for graduations in our family (nephew & daughter) I'm soldiering on with my attempt to rid our home of some unnecessary things, today's things I rounded up:
Passing along some computer learning programs to my grandson;
an old sheet set for donation
and a couple of shelf liners that I may sell if I can't find any shelves that need lining (I originally bought them for craft projects).
I cleaned out some saved recipes that I have had way too long and never made, after realizing I probably never will make them. If I need such recipes in the future, there's a great big world web just brimming with recipes. Off to the recycling bin with them!
I hope you enjoy the upcoming weekend and whatever summery things you have planned! See you soon!~TJ

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