Monday, January 31, 2011

A Lotta Shopping!

I've been spending a lot of time this, spending. Mostly on cosmetics since it's been a while since I updated some things. Of course, since I sell Avon, I started there because I know and love so many of the products! I got the new MagiX Illuminator pen which I am loving! And I am prepping my next order as I type.
Then, Ari & I hit up Sally's Beauty Supply for some incidental items, blush (Sally Girl in Flushed~LOVE the color!), Shimmer Stripes (Sally Girl-very inexpensive brand but works well), Beautique lipliner in Dusty Rose (pretty!), eyelashes & glue. (I'm gonna have to take the glue back since I picked up the wrong kind ): )
We also roamed around Burkes Outlet & I got a new red wallet (a lady once told me that she heard if you carry a red wallet you would never be broke!), some pretty sterling silver dangle pearlesque type earrings, and some new face washcloths.
A quick trip inside the Dollar Tree for something, and I walked out with a couple of Maybelline lip polishes in Purple Passion and A Pinch of Pink and a CG Shadow Squease in Chocolate Latte.
Of course Ari had to go to the mall and at Forever 21, the nail polishes were calling my name. I wasn't sure about buying them since I had never tried their makeup before but she assured me she would be happy to take them off my hands if I didn't care for them! The colors I got were Black/Fuschia, Lavender & Nude~all very pretty in the bottles but I haven't actually had a chance to try them out yet.
I love department store cosmetics as well but have absolutely no problem trying less expensive brands if I don't care for them. There's always someone in my life that would be more than happy to help me out in taking things I don't like and there's always the Women's Shelter nearby that I know can put those "treasures" to good use.

On the home front, I've made a couple of yummy batches of whole wheat french bread, managed to kill an attempt at sourdough starter (without yeast) and am trying to organize a bit around here. I purchased one of those closet shelf/shoe organizer thingys and a few bins (for under the bathroom sink and cabinet shelves) and a basket (for my hair tools & accessories) to get the ball rolling.

I'm also giving the "Dr. T's" diet a try again. I did it a day or two before and lost a little over four pounds but I guess my head just wasn't wrapped around it. Mike stuck with it and lost somewhere between 20-30 pounds~so proud of him! Especially since it seemed to help bring his high blood pressure down)I'm into day three and so far, so good. I have added a bit of fruit to squelch my sweet tooth and we'll see how it goes. I'm so aggravated that I gained back the 15 pounds that I had lost last summer...arghhh!

Today, I have a few errands to run, some Avon to deliver and a daughter to pick up from school. It's gonna be a great day! I hope you enjoy yours!~TJ

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Root of the Matter

It's been a while since I've posted. Truthfully, I had becomed discouraged with blogging (and other things but that's another post). I toyed with shutting the whole thing down. After some soul searching over the matter, I decided the problem was that I had gotten away from my original intentions with this thing, and that was to just use it for a daily journal type format. Ya' know, my life & stuff. I had allowed myself to want to do things like other bloggers. The swaps, the this, the that...oh I don't know...all that. It's easy for me to go chasing the next shiny thing that catches my eye so I'm not surprised that I did that.

So, I've decided to get back to that "root".

From now on, life, my life.

And I'll start today, right now with this interesting (ha) tidbit:

right this very minute I'm doing what is called "oil pulling". I read some great things about it. Whether it works or not, I don't know. I'm going to experiment with it since I'm not happy with my gum health. I don't like the process frankly, it's kind of disgusting in my opinion but, I'll give it a whirl.
Then I'll take Ari to school and Mike for the procedure he's having for the pain in his hips.
I got the stitches out of my right foot yesterday & the nurse said I could try wearing tennis shoes in a week. I can't wait. I'd rather be wearing other types of shoes but I take the sneaker over this post op shoe any day. It slows me down and is just awkward. I plan on taking a break for a month or so and then having the pins taken out of the left foot. I'm glad I had the surgeries done but it has taken the better part of the past year dealing with it. Sigh.
Off to make it a great day!


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