Friday, April 26, 2013

Sam's Club is Opening It's Doors to Non-Club Members this weekend!!!

Whoo Hoo!!! I just recently let my Sam's Club card expire. And even though I love shopping there for stocking up on certain items, the store is a bit out of my way and with gas prices what they are, I decided that, with careful planning, I could save just as much by shopping the sales at the stores nearer my home.

I always got the basic membership for, I think about $35 and since I don't keep careful track of my actual savings versus the layout of the membership fee + gas + the 20-30 minutes it takes do drive there (time is money after all), I just don't know if I can honestly say I "save" all that much going there.

But, if I can get in free, and enjoy some yummy free samples while I'm there (go between breakfast and lunch for a free "brunch" (; ), stock up on things I know we really need and will use, then sign me up!

Well, I'm off to make my shopping list! Hope to see you there!

I wish you a weekend of great buys and lip smackin' sampling!~TJ

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hair Colorista

It started out innocently enough... 
then she grew up and
began following in her mama's (hair coloring) footsteps...
and then...
it started getting interesting.
She took her hair color places her mama's had never been before /= ...
 Red, White and Blue
(or as I called it: The bomb pop)
 Cherry, a bit 'o blue and orange-y blond...
I must admit, at first I was shocked, appalled, beside myself! I didn't like the wide array of hues. (Egads!!! WHAT would people think!?!?!)
But...she is not me, she is she: a sweet girl and a budding cosmetologist. 

I've learned to choose my battles.
Thanks for stopping by!
I hope you have a rainbow-licious day!~TJ

Monday, April 22, 2013

Give Me the Simple Life

I am on a quest to simplify life. The housework, the cooking, you name it, I wanna simplify it. One way I thought would fit right in to this plan, is this slow cooker cake mix recipe eCookbook that was sent to my email this morning. It's a free download and will make a perfect compliment to this:
"The Cake Doctor" by Anne Byrn
This handy little book I found in a thrift store one day. I've made a couple of recipes from it and they were both winners with the family. They are, for the most part, quick and easy to prepare but there are some recipes that are a little more involved, both ingredient and time-wise.
When I need a quick, yummy EASY dessert cake, I go here first! 
Also, where quick and easy recipes are concerned, I turn to my Gooseberry Patch "Slow Cookers, Casseroles & Skillets" cookbook.
This book is chock full of homey, comforting recipes that you can make easily but look and taste like you spent a bit more time on!  
I love Gooseberry Patch & hope to add more of their (quick & easy ;D ) cookbooks to my collection!
Another little cookbook (booklet(?)~only 32 pages) is a little Martha Stewart Everyday Food recipe booklet that was included in my new (free!!!) subscription that I opened yesterday. After thumbing through it and realizing the content focused on quick & easy recipes that take hardly any time at all to prepare, my first thought was "I can USE this!". And you know Martha Stewart is good for elegant, company worthy meals! 
I can't wait to scope out some new meal ideas to add to my arsenal! Of course, they will have to be budget friendly for the most part. And meals that I can whip up with ingredients I regularly keep on hand would make them even more ideal.

One thing I already do that helps keep me out of the kitchen is (since it's usually just me and hubby eating) I make enough for two or three meals (or more) and we either eat it again the next day (reruns!~thank goodness hubby doesn't usually mind) and then freeze any excess for a future dinner.  Or I might cook another meal the next night and rotate between the two for three or four days (to keep him guessing ya' know ;D ).
Anyway, now I'm off to brainstorm ways for the housework to practically do itself!
Have a wonderful, sippin' iced tea in the shade while your Roomba vacuums the house, day!~TJ 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spring-y Backyard Beauty!

So pretty!
Sadly, the blossoms don't last very long.
It has taught me to savor the beauty while it lasts.
A great life lesson! 
I LOVE the scent of this rose!
(I know I've said it before...)
See the heart in this bloom?!
Love is in the air...
And yes, I think even this critter is beautiful!
A little peek into the creative mind of God!
I hope YOU are having a beautiful Spring-y day!

Friday, April 12, 2013

The Bed That BoBo Built

Someone left their cool, girly, empty backpack laying on the floor.
Someone else thought it looked pretty comfy (and maybe smelled like someone they love). 
So someone made a bed out of it.

Thursday, April 11, 2013


This past Christmas, my oldest son gave me a Roomba. I love being able to put that baby to work while I go about my business.

I still occasionally whip out the the "big red monster" vacuum to do a bit of deeper cleaning on our rugs, but for the most part, the Roomba has freed up a lot more time for me to do other things. I LOVE it!
I can set it up to stay in certain areas or let it loose to have free reign all over the house. And when Roomba is finished or the battery is getting low, it finds it's way back to it's docking station to recharge.

Roomba, where have you been all my life?

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Take the Time...

To enjoy this day that the Lord has made! Rejoice and be glad in it!

Take the time to savor and enjoy each and every tiny moment with your family, home and anything else the Lord has blessed you with!
(Time DOES have a way of "flying" and getting away from us.)
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Friday, April 5, 2013

Use it Up, Wear it Out

assorted samples, mineral makeups, Suzanne Somers body lotion & Organix Moroccan argan oil hair product
I've really been trying to make a conscious effort to use up those last little bit of stuff and samples of things.
Here is a photo of my "accomplishments".
I realized I needed to quit buying more, and using what I had on hand, when things starting falling out of my bathroom cabinet every time I needed something out of there.
Too much stuff!
Now I'm not complaining mind you, I'm very grateful and blessed to have all I have. BUT, I decided it was high time I truly appreciated what I had more.
Instead of always having my eye, mind and heart on getting
Looking forward to more space in my spaces and enjoying what I HAVE!
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Thursday, April 4, 2013


We were out shopping in the wee hours of the evening (my favorite time to grocery shop 'cause it's nice & quiet), and strolling through the produce section, at the organics (teeny tiny) area, what do my wondering eyes should appear? A patch o' grass. Not just any grass mind you, but Wheatgrass! 

I asked my consultant, and right hand girl (DD) if she thought we should get it. After a bit of girly chit chat and debate, we decided, YES, we should. YOLO as she always says.

So, we put it in our basket and handled it with the care you would when bringing a newborn home (except we had the cashier put 'er in a plastic bag in case she leaked o: )

Got home and felt compelled to give hubby the disclaimer of what the latest crazy, growing oddity *cough*kombucha*cough* he would walk in on in the kitchen would be. He gave me that blank guy look, indicating he had no earthly idea what I just said, just wanting to be able to get back to watching whatever it was he was watching.

So far, I've snipped of about a one inch square to add to a smoothie (don't plan on buying a wheatgrass juicer~right now my highest hopes is that it lives).

If anyone reading this knows anything about taking care of wheatgrass, please share...

For now, I need to research this thing...

Thanks for stopping by to meet my wheatgrass!~TJ

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My New Mark (Avon) Total Studs Bag!

Lightweight, easy to carry, hobo shape...
pretty blush color, gold studs...
Thanks for sharing in the excitement of my new bag with me!

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Glitz & glamour ready for Senior Prom!
(Pearl necklace, glitzy earrings, crystal flower hair pins, and a sparkly "wavy" hair pin. Oh, and between the hair pin & the earrings, at the top, you can see the bottom of the bottle of bronzing shimmer. She opted out of the earrings, wavy hairpin & bronze shimmer.
All these items we had on hand! Yay! Money saver!!!)

But first...
Cinderella's evil parents make her toil before the ball.
(just kidding, she was getting some clothes for a sleepover to pack)
Will she meet a handsome Prince?!
(Lord...her daddy hopes not!)
My beautiful "baby"
(Dress, Betsey Johnson wrap , stockings, and shoes all from Dillard's. Approximate cost $210. Give or take. I couldn't find the receipt for the shoes or my memory of the cost)


(I need a new camera already, lol!)
Besides being giddy about prom, she was still OVER THE MOON excited after running into her FAVORITE YouTube guru Bunny, aka grav3yard girl, at Target while we were out shopping for prom.
Whoo hoo! Life is good!
Thanks for sharing this monumental, momentous event with us!

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Pretty purple "weeds" from our afternoon walk

Have a glorious day!
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