Thursday, April 4, 2013


We were out shopping in the wee hours of the evening (my favorite time to grocery shop 'cause it's nice & quiet), and strolling through the produce section, at the organics (teeny tiny) area, what do my wondering eyes should appear? A patch o' grass. Not just any grass mind you, but Wheatgrass! 

I asked my consultant, and right hand girl (DD) if she thought we should get it. After a bit of girly chit chat and debate, we decided, YES, we should. YOLO as she always says.

So, we put it in our basket and handled it with the care you would when bringing a newborn home (except we had the cashier put 'er in a plastic bag in case she leaked o: )

Got home and felt compelled to give hubby the disclaimer of what the latest crazy, growing oddity *cough*kombucha*cough* he would walk in on in the kitchen would be. He gave me that blank guy look, indicating he had no earthly idea what I just said, just wanting to be able to get back to watching whatever it was he was watching.

So far, I've snipped of about a one inch square to add to a smoothie (don't plan on buying a wheatgrass juicer~right now my highest hopes is that it lives).

If anyone reading this knows anything about taking care of wheatgrass, please share...

For now, I need to research this thing...

Thanks for stopping by to meet my wheatgrass!~TJ

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