Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Glitz & glamour ready for Senior Prom!
(Pearl necklace, glitzy earrings, crystal flower hair pins, and a sparkly "wavy" hair pin. Oh, and between the hair pin & the earrings, at the top, you can see the bottom of the bottle of bronzing shimmer. She opted out of the earrings, wavy hairpin & bronze shimmer.
All these items we had on hand! Yay! Money saver!!!)

But first...
Cinderella's evil parents make her toil before the ball.
(just kidding, she was getting some clothes for a sleepover to pack)
Will she meet a handsome Prince?!
(Lord...her daddy hopes not!)
My beautiful "baby"
(Dress, Betsey Johnson wrap , stockings, and shoes all from Dillard's. Approximate cost $210. Give or take. I couldn't find the receipt for the shoes or my memory of the cost)


(I need a new camera already, lol!)
Besides being giddy about prom, she was still OVER THE MOON excited after running into her FAVORITE YouTube guru Bunny, aka grav3yard girl, at Target while we were out shopping for prom.
Whoo hoo! Life is good!
Thanks for sharing this monumental, momentous event with us!

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