Monday, April 22, 2013

Give Me the Simple Life

I am on a quest to simplify life. The housework, the cooking, you name it, I wanna simplify it. One way I thought would fit right in to this plan, is this slow cooker cake mix recipe eCookbook that was sent to my email this morning. It's a free download and will make a perfect compliment to this:
"The Cake Doctor" by Anne Byrn
This handy little book I found in a thrift store one day. I've made a couple of recipes from it and they were both winners with the family. They are, for the most part, quick and easy to prepare but there are some recipes that are a little more involved, both ingredient and time-wise.
When I need a quick, yummy EASY dessert cake, I go here first! 
Also, where quick and easy recipes are concerned, I turn to my Gooseberry Patch "Slow Cookers, Casseroles & Skillets" cookbook.
This book is chock full of homey, comforting recipes that you can make easily but look and taste like you spent a bit more time on!  
I love Gooseberry Patch & hope to add more of their (quick & easy ;D ) cookbooks to my collection!
Another little cookbook (booklet(?)~only 32 pages) is a little Martha Stewart Everyday Food recipe booklet that was included in my new (free!!!) subscription that I opened yesterday. After thumbing through it and realizing the content focused on quick & easy recipes that take hardly any time at all to prepare, my first thought was "I can USE this!". And you know Martha Stewart is good for elegant, company worthy meals! 
I can't wait to scope out some new meal ideas to add to my arsenal! Of course, they will have to be budget friendly for the most part. And meals that I can whip up with ingredients I regularly keep on hand would make them even more ideal.

One thing I already do that helps keep me out of the kitchen is (since it's usually just me and hubby eating) I make enough for two or three meals (or more) and we either eat it again the next day (reruns!~thank goodness hubby doesn't usually mind) and then freeze any excess for a future dinner.  Or I might cook another meal the next night and rotate between the two for three or four days (to keep him guessing ya' know ;D ).
Anyway, now I'm off to brainstorm ways for the housework to practically do itself!
Have a wonderful, sippin' iced tea in the shade while your Roomba vacuums the house, day!~TJ 

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