Sunday, June 9, 2013

Breaking Those Blogging Rules

I make no secret that I enjoy visiting Money Saving Mom's blog. I just this morning ran across her recent post: "Why I Think You Should Break the Blogging Rules" and this was my response/comment:

Whew! I just breathed a sigh of relief because your post was a verbal "picture" of me & my blog! I started it as mainly a "journal" of my and my families life. But I found I lost sight of that MANY times, resulting in frustration & just flat out not blogging, which is SO not what I wanted from it. Just this past week or so I have tried to re-focus on, and be at peace, with that: just a lil' ole' journal of me & my life. And if others wanna hop on board & peek into it, "welcome on in, y'all!".
Thank you!~TJ

If you are a blogger, any type of blogger, I would highly recommend reading this post! It made me feel better anyway!

Now I'm off to make myself that second cup o' coffee and get ready to go watch my baby graduate high school!!!

Now where did I put that waterproof mascara....?

Wishing you tears of pride and joy this weekend!~TJ

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