Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Busy Day; Happy Day

Wow! Yesterday was a busy one! At this season of my life, most days have taken on a nice, easy flow, with things such as doctor appointments, sprinkled in here and there several days a week.

But yesterday? I started off by dropping my daughter off at school, returned home to get ready to take my hubby to his physical therapy appointment. Dropped him off and figured I would head to the hair salon a block over to have my hair cut and styled so I would feel presentable for the graduations we will attend. 

After his therapy and my haircut, we then headed over to the Blockbuster that is going out of business here to see if there were any movies we might like to add to our collection since the markdowns are tremendous! (Results? ten movies for $18!).

Once back at home, we had lunch and I recharged my batteries by laying down a bit while hubby tinkered around in the man cave (garage).

At 4, I had to run over to DD's school to be her "model" for cosmetology testing. Once that was done, a quick trip to the grocery store for a few necessities, a run through the drive through at hubby's request for the only thing he can think of to eat that doesn't make him feel queasy, a fish sandwich.
Back at home, with the groceries put away and hubby fed, I grab a quick bite before running back to pick up my DD.

Boy, I was so happy once we got home and I could put on my comfy, cozy clothes and settle in for a little t.v. show catch up with my baby girl before she headed up to bed for the night.

Now, I know many have much more hectic schedules on a daily basis than I, (even I have had seasons of life that were much busier and more hectic) but when you aren't used to it anymore, well...I kinda feel like I had been kicked by a horse when it was all said & done!

Through whatever each day brings though, I try to always remember to savor the moments, because I've learned through trial and error that one day you wake up, blink, and wonder where all the years, and your little ones, went.

Have a savor-licious day!~TJ

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