Friday, June 21, 2013

Computer Woes & How I Make Up to $400 a Month Working Weekends The wonders of it all. I've long since been dealing with a laptop that has been begging for mercy to be put out of its misery as it slowly died that wouldn't allow me on Blogger, no matter what I tried. But then, our desktop decided to implode and left me high and dry.

Over the last few days, we managed to get a new desktop and today, plan on replacing my laptop.
Now on to a way to make money if you are looking for extra cash...

After a stressed out sounding voice mail from my scheduler this morning, telling me how much she needed to fill positions, I thought I would stop in and share how I make some extra money by working as a product demonstrator on weekends, since I know many are looking for ways to earn much needed money.

I work with a company called Tallgrass Talent Group doing product demos mostly at Target stores and mostly on the weekends. My shifts are generally only 5 hours long but that five hours is on my feet. I enjoy interacting with the shoppers and my co workers. And as much as I LOVE being at home for the most part, it allows me to get out of the house and interact with others.

Sign up is easy and I would recommend it highly if you need to add a bit o` extra money to the fam's funds. Tallgrass Talent Group dot com. (<<not
a referral link just sharing!)
Have an in-the-green financial day!~TJ

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