Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fifty Days to 50

With my ahem, personal golden anniversary fast approaching, I decided I was going to do a "Fifty Days to 50" series. Incorporating a small, do-able, healthy change each day and build upon it.

This past year has been difficult with my husband suffering major health issues and myself having a few health "scares". High blood pressure, high cholesterol and testing ordered by my doctor to see if I was pre-diabetic (turns out I wasn't but if I don't change my ways, I'm liable to be). And there's no secret or arguing that I have a few extra pounds I've been carrying around for the past several years. OK, more than a "few" more like forty or fifty. (I have that 10 pound range because in my 20's & 30's I was 50 pounds less, now that I'm in my late forties, an extra ten might look better, I don't know.) 

With all that being said, I know I need to make some positive healthy changes for myself but I know if I try "too much, too soon" I'll eventually can all of the changes and go back to doing nothing at all. So, I decided to take baby steps, which is hard for an "all or nothing" kinda girl like myself. But I'm going to try it this way and see what changes I notice in my appearance and energy level at the end of the fifty days.

This, I intend is to be a journal of that journey...

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