Friday, August 27, 2010

I've Been Away Too Long...

I seem to take the summers off from blogging life. Probably because Ari is home & we do mama/daughter things. And then there's work. And this also has been a season of having to take care of my tootsies with the dreaded bunion surgery & shortening of my toes. Yeah. Ouch. I sit here in the boot as I type. So, needless to say there's been stuff going on besides just the usual summer stuff.

I have begun feeling the thrill of anticipation as I look forward to, probably my favorite season of the year, Autumn! We have experienced a couple of days of lower temperatures and less humidity recently! I love it! I'm ready for the inviting aroma of apples, cinnamon, pumpkin and freshly baked bread! The sounds of family gatherings! And the deep, beautiful colors of the leaves on the trees as they prepare for their winters rest. I long for that golden glow that graces the afternoon sky as I turn the corner into my quiet neighborhood heading home after a long day or a quick errand.

I'll be happy to say good bye to the sweltering heat and buzzing mosquitoes. For a while anyway! Each season has it's wonderful qualities. (I learned just how effective Avon's Skin So Soft Bath Oil can be repelling mosquitoes this summer for sure! I gave that stuff a workout let me tell ya! And it smell sooo much better than bug spray. Ooooh and let's not even talk about all those harmful chemicals~yikes!)
We're settling nicely into the routine of the new school year and I plan on getting back to journaling the goings on of our lives again, but for now I will just go light my Fresh Bamboo candle, pour a tall glass of ice cold lemonade, have a freshly baked sparkling sugar cookie, put my feet up & enjoy the last few days of sunshine & summertime!

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