Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I thought I would share some of our meals & recipes for our new "healthier, lower fat, lower calorie" adventure. Still going strong.

Last week, I came up with a quickie meal that was lower (fat, cal) & convenient. I had a can of sweet potatoes on hand, (I don't prefer canned, but when in a pinch for time...) & a pound of leftover ham in the freezer. I rinsed the syrup off the potatoes & drained in a colander then put in a lightly Pam sprayed baking dish with the ham on top. Drizzled a little apple juice on top for moisture & threw it in the oven to heat. A little salt was my only seasoning and I served it with fresh, cut up pineapple and salad. Not perfect in the realm of hard core dieters & fitness buffs I realize, but better than our usual fare (butter anyone?) Next time, I think I'll place sliced pineapple on top before I bake. It wasn't stellar, but it was good and "lower" than we would have normally had.

This morning, I had this...

Lite, lite butter in the eggs, a sprinkling of salt & pepper on the tomatoes, and dry toast from my homemade wheat bread. Served on a pretty plate (we DO eat with our eyes too!) Again, lower & less than normal. But still, mmmm...

Now, go have yourself some breakfast.

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