Friday, January 16, 2009

Busy New Year

I've been staying busy trying to catch up from the time I "took off" for the holidays. It wasn't that I was doing nothing; my hands and creative juices were busy making Christmas gifts for grandchildren. But my etsy shop has been neglected. I'm working on several projects to put in there and am excited about my little creations. For now they are hush-hush!

I am also trying to narrow my focus this year on key projects instead of being scattered here and there (I have so many interests!) so I am trying to cut down my internet "playtime" which will somewhat affect my blog :-(. Especially right now while I am trying to stock up TJsSweetHome with goodies.

The beginning of the year has been blissfully quiet and calm around here. Mike and I are committed to a healthier way of eating (I am always working on that; the fact that HE is and is doing so well...I'm VERY proud of how he is doing. He's showing much discipline and self control-something I struggle with :-0) as I'm sure is a greater portion of the U.S. . Doing it together is motivating though. I have a true blue veggie buddy! (The only down side to it is that I have to make his lunch every morning so he doesn't succumb to take-out :giggle: I don't really mind! But did I mention I am having to put my bread making into overdrive so he has a steady supply for sandwiches? Free Smiley Face Courtesy of

I'm off to stitch & knit y'all...Have a great day!

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