Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year! (And Gulf Coast Snow)

Yesterday hubby & I celebrated our anniversary! We went out for a nice quiet dinner after he came home from working hard all day. Then we came home & he hooked up the plumbing to our kitchen sink because...the day after Christmas, while Ari and I were battling traffic in an attempt to go to the mall (WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!), and had just pulled into a (rare) parking spot, we got a call that went little something like this: "while you were out 'leisurely' driving to the mall (???-*#@*!!! Yes, I did preceed this by saying we just celebrated our anniversary AFTER this transpired. Christmas miracle? Maybe... ;-)), the kitchen sink caved in...". Well, all's well that ends well. The sink got fixed Monday evening.
(Kind of soothed my frazzled nerves that resulted from my "leisurely" day at the mall AND the "leisurely" comment.)

Here's a few photos of the snow when we got back from our trip to visit family (in Loozy-ana y'all):

My car

A couple of views of the backyard. Those hibiscus flowers must be in shock!

The patio furniture. Notice the citrus trees in the background. I think they survived.

"The Survivor". My lonely little winter tomato plant with a tomato hanging on for dear life.
The view from our front door and the front yard.

I just wanted to add that while sitting, listening to a couple of family members singing Christmas songs ala duet during our Christmas dinner visit in LA, my heart swelled with pride to know I was blessed enough to be a part of my family. That heart swelling thing happens often while gazing at family members...I'm such a marshmallow inside. All covered in a cool, crispy, crunchy porcupine-y shell :).

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