Monday, December 1, 2008

A Little of This and a Little of That

Is it December already!!!

How was your Thanksgiving? We had a great time, a full house and many full tummies. Much to be thankful for!
I know you all have been waiting with bated breath Free Smiley Face Courtesy of to see my window treatment that cost me just a little over $2. OK, maybe not. Anyway, here it is: I found this fabric on sale for $1 a yard, took all 2 yards and 26 inches they had left on the bolt and came home with the intention of making something else out of it. But then creativity took hold of me. I grabbed a tension rod that I had on hand and played with the fabric a bit before just folding it in half and then hanging it over the rod. Then I found a string of pearls laying around that belong to my DD (a good reason to pick up after yourselves children!) and draped them over the rod as well. A bit of ribbon from my ribbon stash and...there you have it.

On my way to type up this post, I passed by my window of African violets and thought I'd share their beautiful blooms:

Pretty Babies!

Before I sign off, be sure to check out the great recipes Joan is sharing on her blog! Also, The Vintage Rose is showing off some beautiful handcrafted cards. Planning on doing a little quilting? Scrapbooking? Spy out all the vintage looking quilting blocks and other neat items the SunBonnetSueLady has to help you get started on those one of a kind Christmas projects!

Let the baking and ornament hanging begin!!!


Joan said...

tommiejo, I just LOVE your window treatment! And you're right, whatever the kids don't pick is fair game!
And thank you very much for the kind mention in your post today. I appreciate it very much!

Joan said...

oops! I meant whatever the kids don't pick up! Sorry!


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