Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Golden Days of Autumn...

They bring such pleasure. I love the golden haze that shrouds the afternoon on a clear, crisp Autumn day. The scents of mouthwatering apple, scintillating spices and earthy wood smoke. it.
Along with the pleasures of Fall come other things that aren't so pleasant. Like the flu. Yuck. No, we haven't had it but it seems we can't escape the daily deluge of news reports of H1N1 compliments of the media. It scares a lot of people but I for one am not going to join that bandwagon. I don't plan on getting a flu shot even with the media's best efforts at trying to cause a panic. I've only had one flu shot in my life and that was when I was working at a doctor's office during cold and flu season. It just seemed the thing to do when you have hundreds of people breathing their flu germs on you everyday. Anyhoo, my plan of action for myself and my family is what it is for any other day of my life: put my trust in God, wash my hands or use hand sanitizer OFTEN throughout the day, build my immune system with supplements, teas and wholesome, nourishing, homemade food as often as possible. What, exactly, is in those vaccines anyway? Okay, now if someone will help me down off this soapbox please...

This past week has been blessed and full as always. I've decided I need to rearrange my office/craft room and clean out stuff I'm not using. At the rate I'm going, it could take a year or more but, steps.

Ari & I enjoyed an after school lunch on Wednesday at one of her favorite restaurants, Panda. It was a precious time of a little girl talk, great food and looking into those beautiful hazel eyes.

I continue to build my team and Avon business and welcome to the new ladies! Darla, Vera, Betty and Brenda. We are gonna do great things girls!

I've been focusing on my walk with the Lord and pursuing a deeper relationship with Him. I've seen Him move in my life in ways big and small since I have committed to this with Him.
All day today I have been slow simmering homemade chicken stock in the slow cooker...

smells delicious

I'll put it away in the freezer in one and two cup portions to add to hearty winter meals in the future.
And on the bread front:
I made a couple of loaves of cinnamon raisin bread a couple of days ago. One for us and one for Lee, Josie and Jesse. We found out last weekend that the leftovers make really good french toast! (if it lasts that long ;-) ) And I made a new sourdough bread recipe yesterday; it turned out great! This afternoon I made banana bread...can you smell it? Mmmm...

And right now, I'm working on crocheting some coasters from a natural colored cotton yarn to keep those pesky rings off the furniture. Nothing fancy. Simple. Sweet. Functional.
What's been keeping YOU busy this week?

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