Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ho Ho Ho

Just got back a few days ago from visiting family in Louisiana... the ladies

the gents

I miss 'em already.

We drove nine hours to get home and the last two or three was in drizzle. And fog. And some rain. And let's throw in a little bit of Houston's rush hour traffic. In the dark. In the Monster (some of y'all know what I mean).

I was shell shocked when I pulled into our driveway. I was still thanking the Lord well into the next day that we made it home in one piece. Deep breath. Just thinking about it still puts me in a state.

Let's brighten the mood a bit shall we?

A brief tour of a few of my favorite Christmas decos...

I glittered the SNOW letters & added a few embellishments from my scrapbooking supplies collection. (Have I ever mentioned I collect scrapbooking materials? One day I intend to actually scrapbook with them.)

A sand dollar I glittered years ago before the mighty Domestic Diva herself decided to make & heavily promote glitter. (You know who I'm talkin' about. Yes...her.) I made a set of six and I hold my breath as I carefully unfurl them from their tissue paper each Christmas, hoping they are still intact and haven't released their tiny doves while I wasn't looking.

Our stockings hung by the chimney with care. Mike's, Bobo's, Ari's (who isn't very hopeful is she?Just jokin'. I hung that there. Because she does have lofty ambitions when it come to gettin' gifts.) and mine. The Santa painting was done by my oh-so-talented mom years ago before I had Ari. Notice that tag hanging from the teddy's arm? It has my son's names painted on it.
Thilvethter greeth you at the front door holding our wreath with a thmile. (Maybe he'th hoping a birdie will alight on the twigth.)

Well, this Missus Claus has hung her hat & apron up for this Christmas. (More about that next time.) These are the closest anyone around here is gettin' to homemade cookies this year...
Maybe next year.

Thanks for stopping by!

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