Monday, December 21, 2009

The Wayward Crafter-Christmas Gift Tags

For your viewing pleasure (or displeasure...whatever the case may be. *giggle*) I thought I'd share a few of the gift tags I created out of my "stuff"- aka the scrapbooking goodies I've picked up here & there along the way:

For You
Fold cardstock in half, stamp, fill the heart in with color, punch a hole for the raffia, stamp my nephews name inside.



Cut an oval with an interesting edging, stamp, punch hole.


No Peeking

Fold cardstock in half, stamp, attach Christmas-y what not, stamp niece's name inside.



Use a pre-cut tag, place an "M" at the top, stamp the remaining letters of name, tie a knot on piece of ribbon after inserting through hole of tag, place & glue strategically on pre-decorated gift box.


A Gift for All Y'all
Cut three circles (I used red, dark brown & a gold-ish paper)each getting a bit smaller than the last, stick a Christmas-y embellishment at the top, dig through buttons, find one & glue at bottom, Use stickers for first letters of each name & the "&", stamp the remaining letters of names.

These were fun & easy and used stuff I already had on hand.

Well, I hope you enjoyed (that I bared my crafting-101 soul to y'all & hope you don't laugh at/mock me all you black belt crafters you) this little tour through my Christmas gift tag gallery.

Please come again!

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