Monday, May 3, 2010


Wow. It's amazing how life can go along in a seemingly uneventful fashion and then you happen to notice rain clouds on the horizon...

And then the rain begins.

First it's just a sprinkle, and then...


And lightning.

Ohhhh, it's not really all that bad but life has thrown us for a loop and created some challenges lately.

Hubby's back began acting up again and then he had a bad reaction to one of his medications. And then Saturday, he had a terrible reaction to something and he broke out in hives all over his body! Oh my!!! Sunday, he's not any better so we head to the emergency room where they promptly give him a shot of benadryl. He's still polka dotty and his back still hurts and my foot isn't totally healed yet's not death or life threatening so, as far as I'm concerned, we are still highly blessed!

I hope that in whatever circumstances you find yourself today, that you can consider yourself blessed!

Feel better my love!!!


1 comment:

Nola @ the Alamo said...

Here's hoping your polka dot hubby is soon well!


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