Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Bit of This & That

It's back in the 20's this morning! I know the northeners are laughing at us down here since this is nothing out of the ordinary for them but we are just not used to it! I am trying to enjoy it since, in the balmy days of summer I will be wishing for some of this chill! It seems the older I get though, cold doesn't invigorate me like it used to, it makes me want to climb under the coziness of my big ol' fluffy comforter & hibernate!

I have plans today to make some yummy, crispy peanut butter cookies from the recipe that I've been using for years now. Those will be for the kids. And I want to make a sugarfree cheesecake for myself. But first, I must brave the winter winds to go "fetch" some eggs & other necessities. Brrr. I don't wanna! *she whines*

I have really been on a roll as far as shopping goes. I have been trying to freshen up my makeup & purchase some items that will help me organize our "stuff" a bit better.

I'll be the first to admit, I don't need all the nail polishes and lip glosses I've bought lately but it's innocent fun and Ari & I are enjoying it. She especially enjoyed the new Hello Kitty fragrance she got the other day! She's a Hello Kitty nut!!! And now she's into unicorns and I was able to score some Pure Ice nail polish in "unicorn colors" (according to her-the real name is "Cheatin" or "Cheating", I can't remember). It was a perfect match to a Nicole OPI polish color of which the name I can't remember either. It is a beautiful pink & purple glitter color though. She also got the WetnWild nail polish "Hannah Pinktanna" since she LOVES Hanna Montana (and is so sad to see the show go ): )

I received my cosmetic brushes from QVC a couple of days ago and I'm not sure if I'm loving them or not. They are the Mark V Pro Brush Set in Bone and they received rave reviews but, they don't feel as soft against my skin as I would like. I plan on using them another day or two to see if some of the stiffness will work itself out (???~if that's even possible) and then may return them. I do find I love the way the concealer brush works though, just to be fair. They are the most beautiful pink color! I am torn.

I'm off to take care of my daily "tasks". I have a bit of housecleaning to do, a package to run to the post office, groceries and some Avon orders to sort and prepare for delivery.

Make it a great day!~TJ


Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I'm the same way about the cold. The older I get, the more I want to stay inside when it's freezing outside :-)

Lesa's Life said...

Just "stopped in" to say "hello". It's below zero here today...hope you're warmer. :) Always enjoy reading your blog. Blessings!


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