Thursday, February 3, 2011

Old Man Winter is Blowing Hard Down Here!

This morning on our way to Ari's school, it was 23 degrees! I know in many parts of the country that is not so cold, but for us, IT"S COLLLLDDDDD!!!! It's supposed to stay this way for a few more days. Truth be told, I love it! We don't get many days down here to wear actual winter clothes. (I guess that's why I saw so many at my dd's school this morning sorely under dressed and shivering against the brutal cold wind.)

Update: Well THAT was Wednesday, today there is ice on my car, school has been cancelled and hubby went back to bed after checking what the conditions were like. I know it's crazy cold all over the country, but for us, we don't get a whole lot of days like this.

About our week~Monday after school, Ari & I had to go to the Vitamin Shoppe so on the way home we stopped into Juarez Produce Market. I love shopping in places like that! They carried more than produce, and the prices were hard to beat. There's another ethnic market I want to explore nearby one day soon. I think it's more of a Thai type grocery store. There's so many things that we don't see in our typical American grocery stores in the ethnic markets, that it make for a learning adventure in addition to just "grocery shopping".

When the weather gets back to normal, I'm going to take my new pink Schwinn out for a spin. I got it for Christmas and between my foot being in the post op shoe and the c-c-c-cold, I have not ridden it once! Also, I have promised Dollface some way overdue walks. She going to turn from a wiener dog into a corn dog if she doesn't get some exercise soon.

I have been going makeup crazy lately! I just had to get some new nail polishes and lipsticks. They were on sale after all and a girl can never get enough pink lipsticks and new hot & happenin' nail polish shades!

Well, I'm gonna wrap this up and go enjoy my day!

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