Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Typical Tuesday

It's Tuesday!
Yesterday Ari & I went to the mall for a little browsing. We actually left having only bought (and I promptly ate) a cinnamon sugar pretzel from Auntie Anne's! We paid a visit to Marshall's and Ross right across the road. I found a few cute things that I just had to bring home.

Acute top, jean shorts, boyfriend pants and a little eyebrow kit that Ari spotted. She knew I had been looking for eyebrow gel and for $2.99, I got that and a whole lot more! I don't use the brow templates but the gel, powder and brush are being put to work! I haven't tried the tweezers yet. All this for less than $37!

Today my baby girl isn't feeling well so she is in bed with Dollface keeping her company while I run a few quick errands. Post office, Walgreens for some new fingernail polish, and Target to grab some SoBe Pure's before they are all gone (they are at Target for a limited time and don't know if they will add them to the line. We fell in love with them though because they are so lightly flavored and sweetened with stevia instead of aspartame! A while back, they were giving a $5 Target gift card for every 10 bottles of SoBe Pure that you bought so I was able to pay for most of my order with the $15 worth of Target gift cards I had on hand! Plus they have electrolytes added!) I also grabbed a Sonia Kashuk eye liner brush that I've had my eye on~I prefer to use powder shadows for eyeliner since I tend to make a big mess with the liquid liners. Maybe I'll experiment with liquid liners again someday...I just like the softer line powder eyeshadow gives me. I'm at an age where "harsh" makeup doesn't serve me well, lol! Oh, and if you like those Special K cereal bars, they are on sale right now for $2.50 a box (at my Target)! Mike likes to take one everyday in his lunch since they are only 90 calories for a sweet treat~he loves the vanilla.
Today, I attempted a new recipe for dinner:
Easy Vegetarian Black Beans & Rice Casserole
corn tortillas
Tortilla chips (for those of us who like crunch)
The recipe was a little more "involved" than I cared for (I'm all about simpifying these days and cooking as little as possible!) but it ended up being tasty enough that I'd do it again. I used my crockpot to cook the beans and then warm the whole mixture rather than baking it in the oven. I am trying to not turn on the oven this summer to keep from heating up the house~my crockpot and Wolfgang Puck multicooker have been getting quite the workout!
Speaking of workouts, I've forced myself to do a bit of working out the last couple of nights. Nothing extreme but at this point, while dealing with this chronic pain, I consider any exercise a victory. A little stretching, a little weight bearing and a little cardi on the rebounder~it all adds up to good!
BTW, yesterday's Bean Cassoulet recipe was delicious. I preferred it served over brown rice more than over the mashed potatoes, but both ways are yummy and filling! AND I tried the lime margarita drink mix I wrote about yesterday. With three lime wedges squeezed in and an ounce of silver tequila, it was pretty good. And a lot quicker & simpler than the sugar free recipe I was making in summers past.
Well I'm off to make it a great day~you do the same!
Thanks for sharing YOUR day with me!

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