Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Bottle

For some reason, bottles and jars have always captured my affections, possibly because my maternal grandmother used to collect antique bottles. Several years ago, while perusing the dollar store, I found a simple looking, tall bottle. Something about the slim silhouette of the glass object begged me to make it mine.
Immediately after getting it home, washed and air dried, I filled it with rich extra virgin olive oil and placed the bottles' cork in its opening.
It wasn't long before the cork got oily & messy so I replaced it with a pourer spout that I was able to buy for not much more than the bottle itself that made using the golden green oil a pleasure for cooking with. I suddenly felt so Food Network chef-worthy!
What makes this inexpensive bottle so worthy that I would write about it here? Well, because I have gotten one complement after another on it. My mother even went home after a visit with us and texted me soon after, saying she had bought herself a bottle for her oil because of mine.
Don't you love it when you get complimented on such a simple thing that was aquired for mere pennies? I do.

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