Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pickle Juice a Remedy for Cramps?!

My dear hubby had been suffering from TERRIBLE cramping in his hands lately, (even when downing tablet after tablet of potassium) when I remembered reading something about pickle juice stopping cramps dead in their tracks. Well, I searched online again and found several articles but I figured hubby would only go for it if it had been proven somehow, and not just as some old wives tale. I pulled up an article about a university study on my cell phone and handed it to him without saying a word. In short order, he was drinking a juice glass of pickle juice and his cramps subsided soon after.

In my own personal experience, just this morning, while suffering almost debilitating cramps of the feminine sort, I decided to eat a pickle and take a couple of swigs of the juice. Lo and behold the cramps lessened greatly.

Such a simple thing...with big results.

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