Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fifty Days to 50~Day 17

Well, the past few days have knocked me off my path, some, but not completely. I did what I could each day, depending on what I felt I could manage without putting too much pressure on myself.

Now, I'm feeling a bit better and am ready to hop right back on that horse!

For todays focus I want to start adding at least one salad to my meals each day. I must confess, I can be quite childish about my meals. I like easy to grab, yummy to eat stuff. Preferably sweets, and of those sweets, preferably chocolate. I know it's wrong. And I struggle constantly.

So a salad a day it will be! Added to my previous days focuses.

Updating the last several days would be sad to look at so I will pass on it for now.

Hope you are enjoying your day!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You are doing great with your 50 days till 50! Even just existing through breathing is wonderful. Keep it up! Allowing it all to be within you, and who you are. Isn't life a long journey. We think it goes by fast, and yet the longer we live the more we feel the time. Hence making it slower. I enjoy reading your posts. Whatever you do, just enjoy the moment. Our cells and organs enjoy the moment, and a great laugh. Blessings for you and yours. Surrounding yourself with joy and love. Until next. UniqueCaptured.


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