Thursday, March 28, 2013

I'm Really Bad at This

Blogging that is.

No matter what my best intentions are, I go off & do things like enjoy the spring break week with my daughter (which I did!) or just turn into Patrick (from Spongebob), brain flat lining in front of the television (minus the drooling). Stuff like that.

And then I get out of the well intentioned habit to check in more often with my bloggy journal.

I'm a majorly flawed human with the discipline sometimes of a...oh, I don't know, whatever is TOTALLY undisciplined (senior moment in the "right word" category right now (; )

And the fact that my personal laptop is begging to be put out of it's misery so blogging isn't always easy for me. Literally, NOT EASY.

Can you love me like I am?

On to where I left off in my bloggy thoughts:

Fifty days to 50. I continue, but did quit adding things to focus on and decided I was happy with the list I came up with and decided to focus on those things.

Except for last night, I decided I needed to start brewing and drinking kombucha again. For reasons I'll discuss later.

I feel better about the changes and "focuses" I'm implementing. Little changes add up in the long run and take us to new places in life. Almost imperceptibly. One day we wake up and ask ourselves "how did I get here?".  I want to like the answer. (:

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