Monday, August 19, 2013

Summer Updates...

It has been a long, hot, dry (hardly any rain) but humid summer. And it's still going strong! Temps that climb well past the 100 degree mark have kept me inside during the hottest parts of the day. When I do venture out, it's usually after the sun has faded a bit in the late afternoon/evening. I don't really "do" mornings so by the time I get up it's usually pretty hot already!

Even though I'm a cave dweller, we have managed to accomplish a few things around here this summer!:

1) I have actually made it out most days to water my plants, fruits & veggies and to collect any bounty (I'm still working on my gardening skills /: ) that they've produced.  
Pears from our tree begging to be processed
Even though I have really improved upon my watering and fertilizing efforts from years past, I still find I have the most success with some herbs. Right now I have basil and oregano flourishing in containers. And I bought a Meyer lemon tree at a half price garden center sale in hopes I don't kill this citrus tree. The pomegranate babies that a friend gave me are still alive and need to be transplanted soon since their milk carton as been their home long enough (they say)! On my walks through our neighborhood, I notice that citrus and pomegranate trees flourish here so I have high hopes for mine.

2) We are in the process of having solar screens installed on all out windows. We are hoping they will put a dent in our astronomical electric bills! Two a/c units battling this bad ol' Texas heat is pricey! It sure has cut down on the damaging sun rays that come in and fade out fabrics and photos. I don't know if this is a normal practice around the country, but it is common in our neighborhood since many people have many large windows in their homes.
the east side of the house with solar panels on the windows
1) My "baby" graduated from high school and turned eighteen! She wants to continue her Cosmetology courses at a local college but for now she's looking for a part time job.
the proud grad (top) and family (bottom)
2) My son moved into his own place. I miss having him here but he assures me that he plans on finishing up his courses (which is the reason he moved in with us in the first place~to take some of the burden of full time work and going to school off him). He's a hard worker so I'm sure he will be just fine.

1) I have a new Facebook page for my growing Avon business! I'd love for you to pay it a visit and "like" my page!

2) I have stepped up my "door to door" brochure canvasing, even in this sweltering heat. I get to workout and make money at the same time!

Health and Fitness
1) My hubby's health continues to improve, although it's a very slow but steady progress at this point. Several weeks back, he had to be rushed to the emergency room again but all is well now.

summer salad supper
2) I continue to try and make (for the most part) healthy, balanced meals, but I still have my darned sweet teeth! Hubby seems to want to eat only "comfort" type foods most of the time as those type foods are easier for him to chew. He doesn't enjoy the "experience" of certain foods anymore, so that cuts out a lot.
3) I've been trying to do a little something each day for exercise. Most days it's 5-10 minutes of free weights or a Youtube video that I'll follow along to. I look forward to the day when ten minutes being all I can do is just a memory and my body is back in better shape.

Of course, there's always more happening around here, but I won't bore you by going on & on.

How has your summer shaped up? Let's all go out and savor what's left of the season!

Stay warm & sunny~TJ

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NanaDiana said...

Tommie- Sounds like you are having a busy summer. Congrats on your daughter graduating and hope your son has a great year, too. Glad hubby is doing better AND that your gardens are growing!!! xo Diana


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