Friday, May 23, 2014

Checking In

I wanted to stop in & say "hey" after another loooonnnng absence!

After riding a precarious roller coaster with my hubby's health for so long, I'm hoping we are finally seeing some light at the end of this long, dark tunnel. He has just begun seeing a new pain specialist at the nearby university hospital, she changed his meds and they seem to be working so much better than the others he had been taking that were offering little to no relief for his constant, excruciating pain. Because he is feeling so much more relief, we were able to spend the last couple of days out doing some shopping for things for the garden and other miscellaneous goodies.

Needless to say, since he is feeling better, I am feeling better. Not only for him, but because I know that he isn't suffering as much, it has freed my mind and spirit to become more productive and (obviously) less constantly stressed. Many prayers have been answered!

Anyway, I'm still here and since I have missed my little blog so, I'm hoping to share snippets of my life more often again. One thing I'm so excited about is a delicious oatmeal cream pie cake inspired by a certain cute little hat wearin' girl whose name begins with a "D" that I came up with for the fam recently. It's gotten two thumbs and two big toes ( ;) ) up from hubby so it's definitely a keeper. Oh...DD, DF (Dollface our mini weanie) and I love it too! So if my camera cooperates, I'll be sharing that soon! 

Take care, and if anyone is still out there..."see ya soon!~TJ

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