Friday, August 4, 2017

Five Frugal Things~ August 4 Edition

four o'clocks
I really want to get back to blogging regularly as it is such an important component of my journaling and record keeping of our lives.  And since frugality is, and always has been, a great part of my life, what better way than to jump back in with my Frugal Five?

In this past week's pursuit of savings I:

•  enjoyed not having to water the lawn and garden several days in a row, thanks to the rain showers and thunderstorms we've been blessed with.

•  bought a couple of bags of my favorite decaf coffee so I can brew my second cup of coffee in the morning (the first cup is caffeinated) rather than using the more expensive and convenient option of k-cups.  I am going to try and locate the Gevalia Dark Italian Roast that I love in a more economical version as well. But for now, I will still be brewing the Tassimo pod. (I'm sure coffee lovers will understand if no one else does, teehee!)

•  needed windshield wiper fluid and found that the Dollar Tree had big gallon jugs guessed it, $1!!! Cheaper than Walmart, where I have been purchasing it. I'm not sure why I never thought to look for it at the Dollar Tree before but, live & learn.

•  made DIY stain spray for our laundry.

•  bought two whole hens that were marked down 30% and will roast them for several meals plus homemade chicken broth! At checkout, during the same shopping trip, the cashier couldn't get my beef liver (yuck, I know. I use it in my homemade dog food.) to ring up so the manager said, "give it to her"! Savings of a whopping .78. I told him he could leave it out of my order if they couldn't manually key it in but he insisted it was fine. I don't feel too guilty because try as I may to keep an eye on the register as my groceries are being rung up, there have been many times, after reviewing receipts, that I was overcharged for items. Normally, I will take the time to have the mistake corrected but there are times that I'm just too tired, or in a time crunch or what have you, to deal with it. And I have more than once corrected a cashier when, for whatever odd reason, I see that I am being under charged for an item.

the reality snapshot:  we had an unexpected emergency vet visit this past week. I suppose it all averages out. *sigh*

Thanks for stopping by! I always love to hear/read how others save money so share if you will!

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