Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Tax Free Weekend~ Does Your State Participate?

If you don't know the answer to that question, hurry on over to the taxadmin.organization website to find out!

In our big ol' state of Texas, our back to school dates for 2017 is August 11-13. We can purchase school supplies and back to school clothes priced under $100.

For my fellow Texans here is an extensive list of qualifying items you may purchase to save on those sales taxes. Combine this with the wonderful back to school sales going on this time of year to maximize your total savings!

What? You say this doesn't apply to you because you don't have any children in your life heading back to school? Au contraire ma petite cherie! There is much savings to be had on non back to school items as well. Need new work, work uniforms or workout clothes? Exempt. New underthings? Exempt. Winter coat or jacket? Exempt! The list goes on so, really, get yourself on over here to see what goods that you may have on your Master To Buy list that you can save on. If you don't have a Master To Buy list already, make one, check it twice and get out the door this weekend to fill in the gaps of all your much needed free!

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