Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Homemade Sugar Cookies~From the Freezer

A while back I made these and put some of the dough up in the freezer. I had all but forgotten about it until the other day when I was doing a quick clean of our fridge freezer and discovered the package of sugar cookie dough hidden away amongst other hidden treasures just waiting to be eaten! I took them out and let them thaw while I did my chores and just before Ari got home, I baked them up. She was sooo excited to come home from school to find warm, fresh sugar cookies waiting for her since they happen to be her favorite cookie.

And after going through the freezer that day I had to remind myself of a few of things for future reference: 1) label the items I am taking the time to freeze along with cooking/baking instructions if necessary 2) put that Foodsaver to proper use! I ended up throwing away a couple of things that had gone in the freezer pre-Foodsaver and they were so encased in ice crystals that they would have been unrecognizable if they had not been labeled. 3) If I am using a freezer bag that has been previously used and labeled (yes, I'm a zipper bag washer and re-user), be sure to scratch through the old label so I don't have to guess which of the two labeled items it is, should there be any question ;-) Oh and one final thing...I am going to try and be more mindful of using what's in the freezer instead of conveniently forgetting about that frozen terrain that quite frankly, I would rather not deal with at times. Why go out and by more when Lord knows, we have an abundance on hand to choose from already. (Thank you Lord!!!)

Do you have a frozen wasteland that needs attention too?

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