Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Clutter Bustin'

I am not naturally inclined to be organized and orderly. There. I said it.
I aspire to be. And after being inspired by Crystal over at Moneysavingmom , and after many of months (dare I say years?) of hit or miss false starts to my organizing attempts, I'm gonna give it another go. And hold myself accountable to post what I've done to bust up some of my clutter 'round these here parts. On a daily basis. Gulp.

And if I don't succeed (realistically, I know this will be a forever, ongoing thing that will need to be done /=)? Well... be on the lookout for me on a future episode of Hoarders.

Todays clutter bustin' results:

1) Finally got rid of my failed kombucha that's been mocking me every time I walk in the pantry.
2) Continued going through file drawers and culling paperwork that's no longer needed.

3) Got rid of a couple of lip glosses that were way too sticky feeling for my liking. Plus, some old receipts that were no longer needed. (I save receipts for the length of the return policy time allotment, on things that might need returning for whatever reason, in case I need to return something.) 

Hoping YOU have a clutter free day!~TJ

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