Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Grocery Shopping Adventures

Since I enjoy taking a peek at what others put into their shopping carts, I thought I would share mine!

Yesterday, after picking up my daughter from school, I ran into a grocery store that regularly has great prices on various items. When I have the forethought to do so, I like to go through our local grocery store ads that are delivered into my mailbox on a weekly basis, make a list of sale items, and when I'm near the stores and have the time, I love to run in and take advantage of the great sales. The store I went to yesterday is, unfortunately, way out of my usual beaten path, except when I am near my daughter's school. I will miss having regular opportunities to go to Food Town after she graduates )'= .

Here's what a snagged yesterday:

2 pkgs. of 12 oz. spaghetti noodles 2/ $1
80 oz. jar of dill pickles                       $2.59
5 cucumbers                                     5/ $1
jar of minced garlic 32 oz.                   $3.99
Kraft mayo 30 oz.                                $1.33
3 lemons                                               $1
mustard                                                 $ .89
12 oz. bacon                                          $1.99
4 pkgs. deli smoked ham 9 oz. each     $1.49 each
4 lb. bag oranges                                   $1.99
5 pkgs. Ball Park franks 1 lb. each        $1.49 each

Grand total: $29.19

Most of the items, with the exception of the fresh produce, will go into our stockpile.

Here's wishing you happy "sale-ing"!~TJ

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