Sunday, May 26, 2013

Summer...and Scents

Wow! Summer is upon us! After our weather going back and forth between chilly mornings and days to warm, almost hot ones for several weeks, I think the warm (hot!) weather is here to stay. We graduate from toasty mugs of hot chocolate afloat with tiny marshmallows to tall frosty glasses of lemonade! And barbeque, homemade potato salad and chilly slices of watermelon!

But for now, we are looking forward to our "baby" graduating from high school! So exciting!

And a little tip I though I'd share that has been fun for me:
Some fragrances I buy end up not agreeing with me so... instead of just throwing them out or passing them on (just yet), I've been spritzing letters and cards that I send out with just a bit of the fragrance so the recipient has a sweet smelling letter to open from sweet lil' ole me, lol!

Violets anyone?

Here hoping you have a safe, fun Memorial Day in your neck of the woods!~TJ

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