Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Estate Sale Lamp

A couple of weekends ago, hubby & I happened upon an estate sale. We wandered through the home, looking around to see if there was anything that caught our eye. This lamp, sitting quietly lit in the  corner of the den, kept calling my name. I noticed it as soon as I walked into the home.
 It's golden glow. It's tiny little panes. I admired it but we left without it.
That day.

hubbys orchid & plant corner is our lamp's new home
The very next day, hubby went back and got it. And everything was marked half off! I think he ended up paying around $30 for it. When he got it home he noticed a crack in the piece that cradles the lamp shade (?~I'm not sure if that's what you'd call the stained glassy looking part that covers the light bulb.) I don't care. I love that lamp

And there's always Gorilla glue.



NanaDiana said...
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NanaDiana said...

Ummmmm...that was me- I deleted by mistake when I went to edit the darn thing. Anyway, I love your lamp-that was a great find. I've got you on my reading list as of now! xo Diana


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