Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Fling

Spring has officially sprung!
I hope you are enjoying spring-like weather in your neck of the woods! Today was a beautiful day here so I celebrated by flinging off our dark, heavy comforter and exchanged it for something a little lighter...a beautiful cream colored quilt my mom made! She does custom quilts and her work is just breathtaking!

And since I love crochet too, these pretty beribboned pillow shams were right up my alley...

After making my bed, I took a walk out in the sunshine to see what the garden was up to...

(baby elephant ears peeking out from a long winter's nap)

(the first delicious smelling rosebud of the season)

(the guard-en cat~keeping a watchful eye out for intruders and keeping mommy company)

(the fig tree is in bloom~I can't wait for another bumper crop!)

(the newest member of our plant family~a pretty zinnia waiting to be potted up and BLOOM!)
I managed to plant some
bulbs~dutch iris, holleyhock and the lightest, laciest, airiest
{are those words?} daffodils~
some assorted flower seeds and nasturtiums. I am crossing my fingers that they will GROW!
Please share how you are welcoming spring!

1 comment:

Sheila said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Your quilt is beautiful!!! Love the pillow also. And I'm jealous that you already have a rose bud. Our gardens are just beginning to come alive.


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