Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mornin', Glory!

My sweet "baby" girl proudly brought home a plant that she started from a seed at school. It was just a little tike in an eight ounce styrofoam cup & a handful of soil the first time I laid eyes on it. She said it was a "Grandpa Ott" morning glory. I planted it out back near a piece of lattice and watered it when I watered everything else. Daddy helped from time to time by placing the new little tendrils on the lattice work to help give it a "leg up". And here it is today...

She's so proud of her Morning Glory!

Glad you were able to visit today!


Sherri @ Design2Shine said...

Thanks for dropping by! Still celebrating today. Oh and being waited on hand and foot sounds devine...knee surgery? not so much. lol

LDH said...

I LOVE Morning Glories. I planted them years ago and since they self-seed, I get to enjoy them every year,

Sweet place you have here! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your comment!

Kindly, ldh


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