Sunday, September 19, 2010


From a stressful couple of weeks to be exact. We've all had 'em. Those days, weeks, sometimes even months of unexpected, expensive events that seem to occur in multiples.

The thursday before Labor Day, I awoke at around 5 AM hearing a dreadful noise that I can only describe as the sound that say, a metal zipper or buckle makes when it's in the dryer. It was also thundering, lightening and raining at the time so at first, in my just-waking-up disorientation, I laid there...listening. Again...metal clanging-banging sound. So, I get up to see if my DD is up doing a last minute dryer-ful of clothes so she will have something to wear to school (not uncommon-she is in charge of washing her own clothes and has to be at school at 7 AM, and she's a teenager (; ). Anyhoo, the dryer isn't going. The noise doesn't happen again. I just woke up (I'm NOT a morning person!). So, I fuhgetaboutit and lay back down until I have to get up. Life goes on.

Fast forward to friday evening. hubby retires for the evening, & DD & I are watching t.v. when DD says, "did you hear that?" Well, vaguely. Because when I'm "watching t.v." I'm usually also reading. I just figured it was hubby making noise because he was also awake, reading in our bedroom. Well, goosebumps & adrenaline went on alert & we waited & listened. Again..."there it is again". DD gets up and goes toward the noise to investigate. Again, the noise. She comes back looking like she saw a ghost. For the rest of the evening we wait & listen and finally conclude there was SOMETHING in the air vent in the ceiling. Eeeek!

Let me tell ya, I didn't get much restful sleep the next two nights not knowing what it was. Would it chew it's way through and walk across me in the middle of the night? Would I wake up staring into it's beady, glowing red eyes? Would it eat my puppy? What was it?! My imagination ran wild...

Saturday morning I had the pleasure of greeting hubby with the news and we begin to search out a pest control guy. We found one & he was GREAT- showed up when he said he would & all-that's a rarity in our experience.

To (try and) make a long story short, by Sunday evening, we had to call him out at 11 PM on his day off (double the $!) because hubby saw a possum tail in the vent in our bathroom...YUK! We thought it might be dying since it seemed to have been trapped in there for at least two days trying to get out. Well, the pest man got him out alive, and after a third visit monday morning to set out traps & bait for any other varmints that might be lurking up there, we have had quiet, restful nights. Hallelujah!!!

NOW, last friday, we had to call out plumbers because of some concerns hubby has had about our driveway that seems to be sinking since we got our house foundation leveled back in May, and a couple of leaks in a couple of our bathrooms. Two full days with two plumbers at work (and they aren't finished yet), our laundry room ceiling ripped out, new bathroom sink & tub fixtures, and the cost of a GOOD NEW CAR later (hopefully insurance will pick up some of it), we are waiting to hear from the insurance adjuster as I type before we can move forward.

Now add in my recent second foot surgery, hubby's back & hip problems (limiting us physically) and the trials and tribulations of raising a teenage girl (she's really a great kid~I just added it for dramatic effect (; ) and you've got just a wee bit of stress.

But, God is still good and blesses us each day beyond measure so, I will cast all these cares on Him & try to trust like a little child. After all, it could always be worse. I just pray that hubby is able to do the same...

If you would like to share/vent any of your stressful times with me, here's my shoulder...& my prayers for you.

Thanks for stopping by & listening!


Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Oh my goodness, it sounds like a rough couple of weeks. It always seems to come like that, doesn't it? When it rains, it pours. I hope that things are settled down and you can just have a quiet time now :-)

Jeanette said...

Oh dear, so sorry about all of these things. Rains it pours. Luckily we are smooth sailing over here right now. My daughter is mending a broken heart and I am quite sad she is away at school where I can't sit and eat ice-cream and watch old movies with her but that's not stressful, just a little sad.

Suzanne said...

Oh boy a possum tail! I would have been freakin' out..LOL! Catch your breath:-)

Nezzy said...

"Vent", your just too funny and believe me I know your pain. A couple years ago we had a huge hole in the duct-work we were unaware of 'till creatures started to party in our vents. We had a carpenter who duct taped it up....well duh...critters can chew through duct tape, even that gorilla stuff! Hubby finally went under (in all his claustrophobia) and covered it with metal and screws.

I'm so very sorry about all the problems. Know I'll be prayin' for ya'll.

Have yourself a marvelously blessed day sweetie!!!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Yikes! Possum are horrible! You have had a lot of stress. Surely things will get better. I just pray they don't get any worse (nah! They couldn't!). Glad to know you are walking with God. Hang in there! laurie

~Carrie from Cottage Cozy~ said...

~hopefully things will quiet down for a bit...until the next time~


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