Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rich Country Buttermilk Bread

{looks normal on one side but, turn it around and you have...}
After buying a bag of bread flour at Sam's Club that I could hardly lift to get home, I have been keeping the bread maker busy!
Usually, I make a french bread that everyone likes but, today I thought I would pull out the cookbook that came with the bread machine and try something new.
This one turned a little funny, like it had blown it's top, but the result was a dense, moist, easy to slice bread that will be perfect for making Ari's lunch sandwiches and quick grilled cheeses. Best of all, everyone loved it!
Daily Doin's:

Yesterday, while waiting outside the school for Ari to finish with tutorials, I was listening to "Ask Martha" on Sirius XM as I usually do on the way to and from picking her up from school. I was particularly excited that Alexis was hosting in place of her mom since I used to enjoy listening to her on the "Whatever" radio broadcast and miss it. On a whim, I decided to call in to ask about her fitness regime since I am only a few years older than her but she is in SOOOOO much better shape than me. I was
surprised to find that the phone was answered promptly and I was put on with Alexis right after the caller before me! I thought I'd be nervous but she was so gracious and took time to answer my question that it felt as natural as talking to a good friend. She asked what I currently did for exercise (hardly anything, but when I do, walking & light weights), she suggested heavy weights and working with a trainer at a gym for starters. She works out at home since time is a factor and puts in EFFORT, even though she admitted not liking it so much. Thanks Alexis!

I'm still using items in the freezer and pantry to put together meals and snacks and desserts~haven't given up yet! This week, we've had navy bean and ham soup and turkey vegetable rice soup, both meals that were stashed away in the freezer as leftovers from a previous meal weeks ago. Last night, we had ham (freezer), mashed potatoes (from flakes I had in the pantry bought at a great price and in bulk), brown gravy (from a package I had in the pantry that had been planned for a long since forgotten recipe), and a simple green salad. We've also had deliciously tart lemon bars since I had bought lemons in bulk, overestimating our usage of them (we took a few with us on our trip to Corpus for a sweet bite to eat when a snack attack occured. Dollface even likes them!).
*10X=confectioners/powdered sugar

Today, if we don't go out and eat tonight as we usually do on Wednesday evenings, I will make grilled ham and cheese sandwiches from the ham that didn't get eaten last night and the turkey veggie rice soup that didn't get eaten night before last.
Even though the freezer & pantry continue to keep on giving day after day, I have had to fill in some meals with a few things from the grocery store here and there but I feel great knowing I am putting the food we have on hand to good use instead of letting it go to waste via freezer burn & expiration dates.

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