Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Crazy for Coral!

{top, l to r: Sally Hansen Coral Reef #405; Maybelline Peachy Scene #525; Revlon Orange Flip #710. Bottom: Maybelline Coral Glow~I think, label's too small for my vision!}
This season I have been drawn to all the beautiful shades of coral, peaches and and soft apricots. This is highly unusual since I've always been drawn to pinks and roses and berries, feeling that they best set off my naturally pale coloring.

A girl can change her mind...right?

{top, l to r: Chico's blouse; close up of detailing on blouse; bottom: still obsessed with "accent nails" Ulta peach nail polish~can't find the bottle to get the true name/: & OPI Nicole Love your Life on ring finger}

{Revlon Orange Flip on lips; the Ulta brand peach colored nail polish. I am SOOOO impressed with Ulta's polish! Lasts for days with minimal chipping and wear!}


Blondie's Journal said...

I have to try one of the Ulta stores. I have never been in one but I would make the trip if it meant I could keep nail polish on longer than one day!! I LOVE these colors but was always afraid of peach because of my freckles! lol! Love the Chico's top, too!


Tommie Jo said...

Jane, I'll bet your freckles would be set off nicely with the right colors! There's so many in that range~apricots, corals etc. I used to limit those bright orangey colors to my toes but now I work with them/experiment with them. For instance, the Revlon Orange Flip is ORANGE! I toned it down by first putting a lip gloss on my lips so they didn't get a full saturation of the color and then I blotted lightly & put a more subtle Coral Glow (Maybelline) gloss over it. And later got a compliment on the lip color! (to be honest, up until then, I wasn't feeling totally confident wearing it. Ya never know!)


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