Monday, November 12, 2012

Five Frugal Things

If anyone is peeking in here, I hope you are having a wonderful beginning to your week. We are experiencing some deliciously cool, sunny and NON humid weather! Love it!

On the other hand, I can so feel for those who have been devastated by hurricane Sandy because, living here on the Gulf Coast, we have our share of hits & near misses with those weather "tasmanian devils". God sees you all. Look to Him for comfort as many of us are lifting you up to Him in their prayers.

Remaining frugal minded this past week...

In the Garden~ I picked up a few more seed packets in the mark down bin at Walgreens. (We won't go into the marked down halloween candy that we bought. And ate.)

At the Grocery Store~  I've been stocking up the pantry with canned goods and other goodies to build up our stockpile that I've let run low in past weeks. It feels good having that type of "insurance" if need be. I think the recent hurricane put it back front and center in my realm of focus. And as much as I like having plenty on hand in case of emergency or unexpected company, I find that I tend to tap into a lot of that stuff to prepare comfort foods. And anyone that knows me knows I'm a bit fluffy so I have to watch that!
So...I also am making a point to stock up on some non-fattening stuff too:
In the Beauty Department~ I got out and used some leave in hair conditioner that I got with samples and I AM LOVING it! It made my hair so soft & less poofy! I may just invest in the full size of that stuff (especially since the samples came with a $! off coupon!)
In the Kitchen~ well...all the frugal meals & sales will take some time to make up for our new refrigerator & (finally!) dishwasher!!! I'm so excited!!! In the long run...I'm sure...they will pay for themselves. Right? I feel like I should say that ;)
In the Health Department~ I have been back on that treadmill! I had a daily goal of 30 minutes of exercise a day. Which I haven't quite hit this past week but I HAVE managed three days. 0-3. For me that's somethin'. And...I've been contemplating the big 5-0 coming up and asking myself how I want to usher that in??? So for three days straight, I have been eating well (no mo' halloween candy!) and when I have been tempted by my big bad sweet teeth (yes, I have more than one), I've indulged in fruit. Yay me!
Thanks for sharing my frugal five with me! 

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